Mack Inspired.


Sales Associate

$32,000-$42,000 / YEAR

Do you have experience in the Customer Service industry? Whether you were on the phones as a telemarketing representative, or you were running around your section in the restaurant industry, Mack Inspired has a spot for you on the team to help you grow using the experience you already have.

Mack Inspired is the frontrunner in customer experience, acquisition and retention in the Kansas City Metro area. We were founded to bring back the personal touch to sales and marketing. While everyone is trying to make an impact with social media and advertisements, we still believe that the best way to build a business relationship is face-to-face.

So, like we said, you have the experience in that face-to-face industry, so why not use it to launch a career instead of getting just another job?


? One to one interaction with customers

? Responsible for all client communication. Ensures quality, standards and client expectations are met.

? Knowledge of company capabilities and service, and effectively communicates all offerings to the customers.

? Perform duties associated with sales training. Duties will include making sales field visits, assisting in the implementation of sales training, and customer education.


? 1-5 years of customer service experience preferred

? Motivated, goal-oriented, and persistent

? High level of initiative and work well in a team environment

? Excellent communication skills

? Full-time availability

Apply today! An HR Representative will screen all applications, and be in touch with qualifying candidates within 24-48 hours.

Job Requirements
  • Greet customers on sales floor
  • Returning merchandise to sales floor
  • Delivering sales presentations in store
  • Seek out customers in store
  • Assisting customers in locating store
  • Face sales of services to retail customers
  • Face sales of services to retail customers
  • Driving overall sales results within store
  • Attract customers and promote sales
  • Analyze current store sales and profitability
  • Encourage sales by promoting merchandise and products to customers
  • Participate in store opening and store closing duties
  • Greet customers and facilitate in-store sales
  • Perform managerial functions or duties as assigned by store manager
  • Replenish stock on the sales floor
  • Provide sales assistance to customers in other areas of store
  • Achieving sales and other store financial goals
  • Develop information on retail customers to enhance sales
  • Greet customers as enter the store
  • Assist customers during the sales process