Lexington Medical Center

Swansea, SC

LPN - LMC Swansea Primary Care

Voted one of South Carolina’s “Best Places to Work” for 2019, the Lexington Medical Center Physician Network includes more than 450 physicians and advanced practice providers at 75 locations across the Midlands.

From general medicine and orthopedics to oncology and neurosurgery, these dedicated physicians, specialists and surgeons combine the highest quality care with advanced medicine and state-of-the-art technology to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes. As the third largest employer in the Midlands, we invite you to be a part of our ongoing success and join our LMC Family.

Job Summary

Responsible for providing nursing care to patients in a professional and courteous manner. Performs a wide variety of patient care activities and accommodative services for patients under the direction of the manager/provider.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Minimum Years of Experience: None
  • Substitutable Education & Experience: None
  • Required Certifications/Licensure: Current South Carolina license as a Licensed Practical Nurse; Basic first aid knowledge and current CPR certification
  • Required Training: None

Essential Functions

  • Maintains a positive attitude. Has contact by phone, correspondence, or personal meetings with persons in other departments or outside the practice; tact is required in these contacts and the employee assumes the responsibility for harmonious relationships.
  • Demonstrates the following:
    • Appropriate communication of information to all ages.
      • Infant – Birth to 1 year; Child – 1 year through 12 years; Adolescent – 13 years through 17 years; Adult – 18 years through 65 years; Geriatric – Over 65 years
    • Responsiveness to all patients and office staff requests and needs.
    • Performance of duties assigned by authorized personnel or as required in an emergency, i.e., fire or disaster
  • Provides/Performs
    • Communication
      • Telephones (Answer, Transfer)
      • Orders/Messages
      • Phone Triage
        • Physician – Orders, Patient Issues, etc.
        • Patient – Concerns, treatment, etc.
        • Staff – Patient Care, Referrals, Precertification, etc.
      • Understands and agrees to seek compliance with appropriate health and safety regulatory agencies
    • Scheduling
      • Referrals; Appointments; Ancillaries; Surgeries (Inpatient, Outpatient); Hospital Admissions
    • Medical Records
      • Documentation; Forms – Chart Structure; Chart Maintenance; Chart Filing/Pulling (Diagnostic Reports, Transcription, Correspondence); Image Files; Faxing; Copying; Mail In; Mail Out
  • Lab
    • Phlebotomy
    • Specimen Collection and Processing
    • Proficiency Testing
    • Results Reporting
  • Medication Management
    • Intravenous Infusion per P&P
    • Subcutaneously, Intramuscular Intradermal
    • Orally, Topical, Suppository, Sublingual, Inhalants
    • Storage and Handling
    • Ordering/Maintaining Levels

Job Requirements

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Patient Care
    • Exam Room – Preparation & Maintenance
    • Conducts Patient Interview
    • Chaperone – Assists patients as needed
    • Assisting/Performing minor procedures
    • Triage (By telephone or in person)
    • Implement Physician Orders
    • Patient Education
    • Results Reporting
    • Clinical Documentation
  • Operation of and responsibility for equipment (including, but not limited to, routine maintenance, ordering of supplies, log sheets and cleaning).
    • General Office Equipment i.e. Fax, copier, etc.
    • Patient Care Equipment i.e. BP, Temperature, Scales, etc.
    • Specialized Equipment
      • X-Ray; Bone Density; Ultrasound; Treadmill; Laboratory Equipment (Processing); Laser Equipment; Defibrillator; Holter Monitors; Cardiac Pacemakers; Other
  • In-service/Education
    • Certification/Licensure
    • Competency
      • Department Orientation
      • Annual Training
  • Log Sheets/ Audits
    • Samples; Pharmacy; Mayday Equipment; Oxygen; Equipment
  • Instruments
    • Stock Appropriately – Maintain Levels
    • Cleaning / Sterilization
    • Knowledge of and usage
    • Storage
  • Leadership
    • Provides Support and Guidance for Clinical Policies and Procedures
  • Other
    • Precertification/Authorization; Coding - E & M / Basic Visits; Office Procedures/ Complex Visits; Surgeries; Hospital Services; Correspondence; Statistical Reports; Accounts Payable; Payroll
  • Performs all other duties as assigned