Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and do better work. We enable busy teams to get on the same page, stay ahead of change, and deliver amazing experiences to customers and prospects. We’re on a mission to help people across the globe do better work. We believe that better work starts with people - and we’re looking for ambitious, humble and collaborative people to join the team. 


United States

Sr. Fullstack Software Engineer

We are a tight-knit group with diverse backgrounds who value our culture. Individually, we strive to be humble, hungry, and people-smart. As a team we put learners first, we ask clarifying questions, we highlight what’s working, we share before we are ready, we have difficult conversations, we get agreements, and we make time for life. These aren’t just slogans we put on the wall…we love and live by our culture.

So, if you are a hungry engineer who is looking to jump on a path of continuous learning, continuous improvement, and a team that values impacting real people in a real way… look no further, you may be a llama and just don’t know it yet.

This person will be a vital member of our team and will require full stack versatility. We want to enable those on our team to pursue their passions. We realize that some people love query optimization and API design as much as they love CSS and UI component structures. This team/role will have their hands in a little of everything—from a little UI, all the way to API development.

Candidates for this senior role will typically have at least 3+ years experience and will be most successful if they have a desire to grow in our entire stack but specialize in both frontend and backend development, but if you've gained equivalent experience in another way, we'd still love to talk.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Backend Engineering (40-60%)
    • Backend engineering at Lessonly includes the following server-side tech stack; Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Algolia, Redis, Memcached, and whatever comes next.
    • This job will require the ability to write code according to our Ruby style guide and Rails style guide which will include fixing bugs, authoring and modifying gems, as well as authoring and modifying core and supporting application functionality.
  • Frontend Engineering (40-60%):
    • As a front-end engineer, you’ll work alongside back-end engineers, designers, testers, and product managers to figure out how best to meet our customers’ needs in a lean, accessible, internationalized, and extensible way.
    • Our frontend codebase depends primarily on React, Webpack, and SCSS-preprocessed CSS, with a sprinkle of legacy jQuery and Backbone that we’re working on replacing.

  • Code Reviewer (20-30%):
    • A strong peer review culture is incredibly important to us. Everyone strives to improve every day, and the code review process is vital to this goal.
  • Infrastructure Engineering (0-10%)
    • Infrastructure engineering is for those who have expertise in the systems we use to build and deliver software, such as development environments, deployment pipelines, and hosting infrastructure.
    • This set of responsibilities is not a requirement for this job, however, if you geek out over docker, kubernetes, local TLS, or the like, this job could have that opportunity.


  • Essential Abilities
    • Server-side tech (Ruby on Rails)
      • You are able to write production-quality APIs, controller-level code, and/or application business logic services.
    • Client-side tech (JS—React in particular—CSS, and HTML)
      • You have experience writing and maintaining code with a team at scale.
    • Working cross-functionally
      • You have experience working closely with back-end engineers, designers, testers, and product managers. People skills, along with a desire to both learn and teach, are essential.
    • Producing value, not work
      • You frequently ask clarifying questions about the intended impact of the work, weighing options, and devising creative solutions to complex problems.
    • Showing progress through iteration
      • You take a big problem and decompose it into shippable chunks that can ensure all parties are aligned on the outcome.
    • Business and technical translation
      • You are able to translate the non-technical business needs into a clear technical action plan and vice versa, seamlessly.
    • Promises delivered
      • You are known for the ability to make an estimate, establish a deadline collaboratively, and hit that mark.
    • Accessibility
      • You have a passion for building interfaces that serve the broadest range of users, and a fluency with standards like Section 508 of the American with Disabilities Act and the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Nice-to-have Abilities
    • Infrastructure tech
      • You are able to write production-quality integrations that involve JSON, XML, and open protocols such as SAML or xAPI.

Lessonly Benefits 

  • Health Insurance - Medical, vision, dental, and life plans available.
  • Disability Insurance - Short-term and long-term coverage.
  • Paid Parental Leave - Because time with your new baby llama is important.
  • Unlimited PTO - We believe in making time for life, so we like to keep this benefit simple.
  • 401k Plan - Save and prepare for the future with us.
  • Equity - When we win as a team, you should win, too.
  • Flexibility - What works best for you, works for us—whether that means you’re in the office, at a coffee shop, or at your kitchen table. We have llamas working in Indy and across the U.S. We also provide everyone with a tech stipend to keep their tech rocking and rolling smoothly.
  • Work Happier - Our community is one of recognition and fun. From company-wide shoutouts to dogs in the office to our vibrant Slack workspace, we’re constantly collaborating and celebrating together.
  • Make Indy Brighter - Every year, we select four organizations that serve kids in Indianapolis and dedicate our time, money, and talent to them. Making time to volunteer and give back to our community matters.
  • Professional Development - We learn from experts, community leaders, and each other constantly. From Mass Classes and workshops to company events and daily conversations, we’re always growing.
  • Accessibility - We’re conveniently located in the Monon16 neighborhood, right by the Monon Trail and the Red Line if you prefer to run, walk, bike, or bus to work.
  • Self-Care - We have in-house yoga, ping-pong, Peloton bikes, a meditation room, a library for silent work, a mother’s room, wellness groups, and more because we’re humans first and llamas second.