LeChase Construction Services, LLC

Albany, NY

Administrative Assistant

$28,000-$48,000 / YEAR
Job Description

Administrative Assistant - This role will report into the Contract Management department at the OGS, for various duties including payment reviews, assisting vendors and other Design and construction staff with payment submissions, questions and issues. Review and processing of change orders, closing of contracts, providing payment information to client agencies and providing general assistance and support to the Contract Performance and Change Order processing.

Past Construction experience a major plus

The person selected for this role, will work directly for the Office of General Services (OGS) as an employee of LeChase.

Job Requirements
  • Provide general office administrative services
  • Assist with general office administrative tasks
  • Perform other administrative/clerical duties
  • Perform administrative and office support
  • Accomplishing clerical or administrative duties
  • Maintain files in the administrative office
  • Assist with general administrative duties
  • Preforming routine general administrative duties
  • Performing administrative duties and office support activities
  • Providing administrative support the corporate office
  • Provide office support to other administrative staff
  • Perform other administrative/secretarial duties
  • Assist with other administrative duties
  • Provide administrative support to other administrative assistants and departments
  • Perform all administrative duties for the office
  • Maintaining administrative and clerical files
  • Perform general office support and administrative assistance
  • Perform administrative and office support activities
  • Perform administrative tasks such as mail
  • Performing general clerical and administrative duties