Lancesoft Inc

Andover, MA

Histology Scientist

$25-$30 / HOUR
  • The Optical Microscopy Technology Center (OMTC) has a centralized optical microscopy imaging center at the Kendall Square location in Cambridge, MA. The candidate would be an integral member of the group to broadly support Client’s research programs at various pre-clinical stages across multitudes of disease areas.
  • The primary goal of the contractor will be to perform standard, advanced, and emerging histology methods and techniques in support of a deep phenotyping initiative to apply spatial multi-omics, including transcriptomics and multi-plex proteomics, to pre-clinical tissue samples to advance disease biology understanding.
  • Additionally, the candidate will provide support for the lab in day-to-day operational activities, including reagent/supply ordering and tracking along with basic histology instrument care, along with instrument and scientific software vendor interactions.
Job Requirements
  • Role Responsibilities:

    • Perform various tasks required for receiving, processing, and preparing pre-clinical tissue samples (Example: fresh frozen, PPFE) for microscopic examination and analysis by research scientists.
    • Coordinate daily activities and tasks for logging, batching, cutting, mounting and staining tissue samples in an organized and well-documented workflow.
    • Operates and maintains histology area lab equipment in proper state of readiness and cleanliness.
    • Performs and monitors inventory of supplies, equipment, and reagents used, and places orders for replacements as required.


    • BS/MS in Biology or related field with minimum 3+ years with relevant experience as a Histology Technician.
    • A registered Histology Technician (ASCP) or completion of a histology program accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) or a minimum of 1+ years training under the direction of a registered Histology Technologist highly preferred.
    • Color discrimination required to verify quality of staining processes of tissue sections.
    • Exceptional organizational skills and ability to communicate and disseminate working knowledge concerning histology methods and protocols.
    • Broad understanding of biology and curiosity with good interpersonal relationships with people in general.

    Technical skills requirements:

    • Experience, conceptual and working knowledge of immunofluorescence, immunocytochemistry and/or histochemistry (ICC/IHC) techniques required.
    • Strong preference in accumulated and working experience in muscle (skeletal, cardiac), liver, gut, and CNS tissue handling and staining.
    • Is capable of performing all routine and special procedures which may include but is not limited to: operation of automotive strainers, hematoxylin and eosin stains, deparaffinizing for special stains, carbohydrate, muscle fiber, nuclear, cytoplasmic and lipid stains.
    • Must have basic Microsoft Office knowledge.