Komodo is a community-focused technology workshop that provides the resources and infrastructure required to build independent blockchains and cross-protocol financial applications. AtomicDEX emerged from the Komodo workshop as a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and non-custodial, multi-coin wallet  that uses atomic swap technology. This allows users to trade peer-to-peer without ever giving up custody of digital assets to intermediaries. You will be working with a leader organization in blockchain protocol technologies.

Komodo Platform

American Samoa

Experienced C/C++ Blockchain Engineer @ Komodo Platform

We are looking for an experienced C/C++ Blockchain Engineer

The ideal candidate would have at least 4 years of hands-on experience programming in C/C++ (v11 at least), git/github knowledge (open repos are a plus), 2 years of experience on a Bitcoin-like blockchain codebase, understanding of the cryptographic principles of blockchain technologies,.

Additional skills:

  • A degree in Computer Science / Mathematics or equivalent work experience
  • Javascript and Rust knowledge is an advantage
  • Hyperledger, Ethereum experience is also a plus
  • Experience and strong understanding of major consensus protocols, asymmetric encryption, hash functions, merkle trees, P2P communication protocols, transaction scripting and Bitcoin-style smart contracts, data privacy, confidential transactions, side chains, pegging, sharding, etc...

We will be accepting and reviewing applications until April 21st and will start contacting selected applicants from April 22nd for the first interview.