KMG Consulants

Minneapolis, MN

Account Executive - Entry Level - Paid Training

$80,000-$109,000 / YEAR

KMG Consultants is hiring for an entry level full time sales, marketing, and management training position.  


Apply now for Entry Level Account Executive Positions!

This position is full time and involves responsibilities in:

  •     Entry level sales & marketing

  •     Entry-level management training

  •     Face to face presentations of new services for our clients

  •     Management techniques

  •     Training current sales and marketing reps

KMG Consultants cross-trains all employees within leadership development which includes:

  •     Interviewing

  •     Training fundamentals

  •     Team building and mentoring

  •     Entry level consulting

Employees who achieve promotions into management at KMG Consulatants:

  •  Highly coachable team players

  • Willing to follow a proven training and support system designed to help employees achieve their goals


Job Requirements

Can you make the cut?

The following are the minimal standards, skills, and attributes required to be considered a possible candidate for this entry level position:

  • 2-4 year degree or equivalent experience.

  • Great communication skills!

  • Strong work ethic

  • Undeniable student mentality

  • This position involves one on one interaction with customers.