We’re a digital agency with offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (but now all working remotely!). We’re a team of makers, doers, and passionate problem-solvers with a simple mission: using design and technology to make the world feel more human. We ask the tough questions, because that yields the strongest solutions and best designs. We use the latest tools for our creations, and if a tool we want doesn’t exist yet, we build it! Our strengths are creating user-centric products, keeping it simple, and telling great stories. Our weaknesses are team meals, happy hours (and hours), and karaoke.


American Samoa

Full-Stack PHP/Python Web Developer

Kettle is seeking out a multitalented Web developer with a passion for solving problems and making creative concepts a reality through clean, maintainable code. You’ll be working with a small, diverse development team in executing fresh new apps for prominent clients, alongside a phenomenal creative team.

We’d like to know that you can:

  • Prototype and build code for small and mid-size web projects
  • Collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment to rapidly iterate and prototype digital products
  • Write clean, well organized and fully documented code
  • Make strategic, proactive decisions on maintaining and upgrading projects
  • Work with limited oversight on iterating existing codebases

The right candidate should also have:

  • 2+ years experience in Web development (PHP, Python, or Ruby)
  • Knowledge of MVC conventions and at least one major Web framework and CMS
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency
  • Familiarity with single-page web apps and component-based JavaScript (such as React)
  • Linux or BSD basics (such as bash scripting)
  • A willingness to work in diverse codebases
  • A commitment to modular, documented code