About Keelvar We believe we can change the world and have fun doing it. We are a hard-working team who love what we do. We believe that a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and risk-taking is the key to finding breakthrough approaches - and we don’t settle for conventional approaches. We strive for excellence, challenging ourselves and each other, with independent thinking, a lot of focus, and plenty of collaboration. In our eyes, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward. We’re not content with just equipping users with good tools; we want to help our customers achieve success and excellence, and sometimes this requires lateral or unconventional thinking. We want you to share your knowledge readily and learn every day. We like to ask questions, and answer questions when we can. We invite you to a workplace that is inclusive and celebrates diversity. We support everyone in being themselves, feeling empowered and inspired to make a difference. If you are passionate about how technology is changing the world of work and want to work with a great team, this is the role for you. We are a diverse bunch of people and we want to continue to attract and retain a diverse range of people into our organisation. We're committed to an inclusive and diverse Keelvar! We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, civil or family status, age, disability, or race.


Cork, IE

VP of Product

VP of Product

at Keelvar

Cork, Ireland (or remote +/- 5hrs by timezone)

This is an exciting opportunity to join a cutting edge company, disrupting its industry. Currently optimizing over $100bn+ in spend for the world's largest companies, Keelvar is more than just a software company. Keelvar is an evolution of how enterprises work with their suppliers and our emergence from an AI research lab has informed our product strategy as well as competitive advantage.

We are on a fast-paced journey to herald a new era of SaaS 3.0. Using AI, Machine Learning, and Game Theory to build intelligent systems that optimize and automate the procurement sourcing process, we save our customers millions of dollars every year, and help their suppliers find the best customers for them. Many of the world’s top blue chip companies use Keelvar to aid negotiations; they set high standards that we relish achieving because it helps us be the best at what we do. We like to lead our space in terms of advanced technologies for automating processes that can be better performed by machines so that people can focus on the many tasks that require empathy and strategic thinking.

Role of VP of Product

As a VP of Product at Keelvar you will play a key role in the ongoing development of our industry leading software solution. Keelvar set the standard for usability in sourcing software and we are ambitious in our pursuit of excellent user experience in our existing products and future developments.

In this role you will lead the discovery, design and delivery phase of the product development lifecycle. You will gain a deep understanding of our customers process and shape that understanding into a software solution.

You will:

  • Foster collaborative, cross-functional partnerships between the product development team and other departments
  • Promote a culture of customer-centricity
  • Consistently experiment and learn
  • Instill a culture of continuous improvement
  • Hire Product Managers
  • Oversee UX Design
  • Diversify your sources of product management and design talent
  • Create a structured process for hiring
  • Mentor UX and PM
  • Structure and organize the product team and process
  • Evolve the team structure as we grow
  • Preserve autonomy where its pragmatic and sensible to do so
  • Drive consensus through culture, principles, and frameworks
  • Values and principles aid decision-making and align growing product teams
  • Shared prioritization framework.
  • Establish repeatable processes (eg OKRs)
  • Involve executive stakeholders in early-stage planning.
  • Foster strong internal and external communications.
  • Establish cadence of communications with investors, execs, S&M, CS and Engineering.
  • Establish cross functional partnerships.
  • Aim for Cohesion
  • Ensure PMs get grounding in products via support work
  • Potentially establish a customer advisory board.
  • Promote accountability.
  • Ensure that Keelvar continues to prioritize innovation and experimentation.

 What you can expect

We are a well-treated bunch, with awesome benefits! If there’s something important to you that’s not on this list, talk to us!

  • Competitive salary in a fast-growing start-up.
  • Peace of mind with life assurance.
  • Open vacation policy and flexible holidays so you can take time off when you need it.
  • If you’re cycling, we’ve got you covered on the Cycle-to-Work Scheme.
  • Commuting is a breeze with a location that makes access hassle-free, and CIT/Leisureworld facilities on our doorstep.
  • MacBooks are our standard, but we’re happy to get you whatever equipment helps you get your job done.

What about location? ??

  • Ideally, the role is based in Cork, Ireland, which is our first and largest office. Most of our product teams and leaders are located here, so you'll be able to collaborate with them closely.
  • We’re open to hiring remotely if the perfect candidate is not in Cork.

Apply Now

  • Go to careers.keelvar.com to submit your application.