Jamison Professional Services, Inc

Washington, DC

Telecommunications Analyst

$52,500-$143,500 / HOUR

Jamison Professional Services, Inc. (“JPS”) is currently seeking a qualified and motivated candidate for the position of Telecommunications Analyst in the Washington, DC 20005 area. Please provide a copy of your resume (not to exceed two (2) pages) that includes your educational background, job and related experience, qualifications including depth of knowledge, expertise, and number of years. Selected candidates must be available for interview and ready to start in two weeks, if needed.

Job RequirementsJob Description: Telecommunications Analyst

Primary Purpose of Position

Working with product owners and technical expert in a fast-paced environment, the contractor will be responsible for validating rates information, collecting rates information from various sources, inputting the information into centralized database for the rates project.

Scope of Work

• Follow and support to refine the procedure for rates collection

• Maintain proper documentation throughout the process

• Validate rates found from various sources to ensure minimum requirement is met

• Ensure the rates are found from valid sources identified by technical expert

• Working in collaboration with other project members to ensure the rate information is properly collected based on the established category

• Capture collected rates into centralized database

• Other duties as assigned