Since 1986, Integral Group Inc. has been helping North American companies adopt EDI and electronic commerce into their day-to-day operations. We offer a first-class EDI service for any sized business. We’re located in Markham (Toronto), Canada; our clients are located throughout North America. Our typical client is a small- to medium-sized business that is required to use EDI with their largest customers. We understand the challenges our clients face and offer them many years of experience to help them overcome the EDI technology gap. We work with hundreds of companies across many industries and easily add new trading partners, large or small, in a short period of time. Our strong focus on customer service is what guides our hiring process. We seek like minded individuals to join our team and help us in our quest to be EDI superheroes.

Integral Group Inc.

Markham, CA

Java-ish Developer

Write great code. Solve problems. Make clients happy. Log off.

We're a cross-functional team that works hard to deliver effective solutions to our clients' data integration challenges. They rely on us to ensure their shirts, sofas, jewellery, cosmetics, gadgets, toys, appliances and many other kinds of products are available to consumers online and in retail stores (remember those?). They make the goods—or move the goods—and we move the data which makes it all possible.

We're looking for a developer (maybe you!) to join our team and:

  • Write great code. Software is awesome, and today's tools for creating it are a joy to use. You'll be working in a collaborative environment where we help one another to craft the finest code possible.
  • Solve problems. Contribute your experience and apply your ingenuity to find great solutions to both our clients' immediate needs and our own strategic challenges as a SaaS and services company.
  • Make clients happy. Everything we do is in the service of delivering value to our clients. You'll help with that by making sure our solutions are robust and delightful.
  • Log off. You already have a life, we don't want you to spend it all at work. You'll manifest focus and discipline during the day so that things stay on schedule, and we'll manage those things so the schedule stays sane. (Historical note: this bullet point used to be titled "Go Home" and we do plan to return to an in-office work schedule... eventually...)


  • Extended healthcare plan
  • Four weeks paid time off, plus holidays and personal days
  • Flexible work schedule and work-from-home options
  • Underground parking when at office
  • Free pizza!

Skills & Requirements

What we're looking for:

  • A background in Java-based software development. Our backend stack is primarily Java and we expect it to stay that way. We do like making things Groovy from time to time. We track what the cool kids are doing, but make technology commitments cautiously.
  • Familiarity with front-end concepts. Yeah, it's a moving target. But a solid understanding of browser basics (modern HTML, CSS, JS) will be an asset.
  • Experience developing business software. It's not rocket science, but familiarity with transactional documents and how they might be implemented in a relational database will be useful. SQL, JPA, referential integrity constraints. That sort of thing.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills. You'll be working with people, too.
  • Attention to detail and an eye for quality design.
  • Eligibility to work in Canada and ability to commute to our office in Markham.

Does this sound like you?

We'd love to learn about your experiences and aspirations. Please contact us using the form provided to get started. In the "Summary" section please tell us a little bit about why you'd be a great fit for this opportunity, and also what kind of salary you're looking for.