Insightful Minds & Solutions

Houston, TX

Customer Service Representative- Multiple Positions Available!

$32,000-$50,000 / YEAR


Insightful Minds is looking to kick-start the next phase of our expansion plans with people who are looking for an opportunity to grow and advance in a career.

This is an amazing opportunity, but it will require hard work, expanding your comfort zones, learning from mistakes, commitment, passion and a competitive nature and desire to win!


Rapid advancement is available for top performers looking to take on additional responsibility, but all openings start off at entry-level. The stages of advancement are clearly outlined and are dependent on results, not seniority, experience, education nor office politics.

Your initial responsibilities will be promotions, marketing and customer service orientated. You'll then have the chance to learn recruitment and developmental training skills; and you'll begin to build a team. Once you have a productive team, you'll learn the business management and administration techniques.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you're thinking of entering the business world or feel you would be an effective manager, send us a copy of your resume to be considered. Please double check that your contact details are included and are current because we tend to reach out to successful applicants straight away.

So what are you waiting for?


Job Requirements
  • You will be involved in every aspect of the company as you learn and grow:

    Brand Management, Marketing, Promotions
    Target Market Exposure, Campaign Management
    Team Leadership / Assistant Management
    Promotional Events
    Team Management, Client Management and Project Management