We have a small (but growing) tight-knit engineering team. We have a server-side, client-side, product, and QA teams that all work together closely. We work in sprints and have async daily stand ups over email. We pride ourselves on doing upfront design, so every project has wireframes, mockups, and a well thought through specification before we start writing any code. We like to work smarter, not harder. Team members are not expected to work more than 40 hrs/wk. Work/life balance is very important to us and our culture. We even have #adventure and #hobbies channels on Slack where we routinely share what we're up to outside of work. We have fun while we work and our annual retreats are a big highlight of our year. Here's a video from our last retreat. https://hubstaff.wistia.com/medias/9pyt01aemt
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