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Architect, Software Engineering (Adobe Marketing Cloud)

As a Solutions Architect, Adobe Marketing Cloud, you will be part of the Hearst Solutions and Services group, an integrated team with our digital agency, iCrossing

Your Impact

As a Solutions Architect you will architect, lead and manage a team of developers on a cutting edge large-scale enterprise consumer facing website for our Global Client.  Our solutions will be built on multiple Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions for a , including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Launch and Adobe I/O. You will be leading the system design and architecture and communications with client and other IT partners involved.

What You’ll Do

  • You will Lead the creation of the overall Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) architecture as well as integration design with Adobe Marketing Cloud (Target, Analytics, Launch, Screens, Audience Manager, Campaign)
  • You will oversee the application development project team responsible for building solutions which you have created the technical architecture.
  • You will be a part of the application development project team comprised of onshore and offshore developers.
  • You will be involved and even Lead several development and maintenance activities, including leading all code reviews. You will guide the team on best practices
  • You will help ensure completion of coding assignments on time and work with development teams and project management to review timelines and progress.
  • You will help ensure the overall quality of deliverables and application documentation
  • You will work with Technical Managers to assign work, estimate project specific work, and ensures the timeliness/quality of deliverables and make sure all appropriate parties are informed of tech team status and issues.
  • You will work with or even be the Technical Lead and participate in all Scrum processes, including Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, and Sprint Retrospectives
  • You will get to code complex modules and templates for the project
  • You will constantly make sure your knowledge of technology and tools is current

Who You Are

  • You have experience designing solutions and integrating multiple Adobe Marketing Cloud products into a holistic customer-tailored solution, which should include at least two of these: Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Launch, AEM Screens. (If you have passed Multi-Solution Developer or Architect training it is a plus)
  • You are experienced in architecting scalable AEM solutions, writing efficient code, optimizing performance and debugging issues. You have gone through at least one AEM project build from your technical design (partial or entire solution) up to full Production deployment and maintenance cycle.
  • You have designed Adobe Analytics solutions and oversee them delivered and maintained into Production.
  • You have experience integrating Adobe Target into AEM solutions (versions 6.4 or 6.5.), delivered and maintained them in Production.
  • You have familiarity with new Adobe technologies including Adobe I/O, Launch WebSDK and Launch Server Side.
  • You have advanced understanding of design patterns, test-driven development and diagramming/UML documentation to use in your technical solutions
  • You have actively worked with project stakeholders to shape up technical requirements and solutions factored into your technical designs on multiple projects.
  • You have experience of working with front-end user interface technologies (Javascript, DOM) to comfortably operate within Adobe Analytics, Launch and Target technologies.
  • You have 7+ years Java application development using J2EE and variety of open source Java frameworks (understanding of Spring is a must have, others are a plus)
  • You have 5+ years developing, deploying and maintaining commercial large-scale enterprise level web applications using Adobe Experience Manager, Target and Analytics as a single solution or separate combinations of solutions.
  • You have experience with OSGI components, Sling Models, Services, Servlets and Workflows
  • You have experience working with AEM Multi Site Manager to manage sites and launch localized sites on multiple languages
  • You have understanding of Cloud Web Services such as AWS, EC2, S3 and Lambda or similar services-based API-driven cloud technologies
  • You have a solid understanding of Continuous Integration technologies and deployment frameworks. (Maven, Docker, Jenkins)
  • You have experience with Microservices architectures and you have built, consumed and troubleshooted RESTful APIs in enterprise environments.
  • You work with Unix shell. You have done application-level protocol troubleshooting. You have validated that deployments were done right and can dive in through entire application stack and to any level to get to the bottom of issues.
  • You have managed and mentored other application developers.
  • You are comfortable working in a fast paced and dynamic environment
  • You are on the path to being a certified AEM Architect and/or hold multiple certifications in Adobe Target and Analytics. Certification is not required at time of employment, although will be required and maintained.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences, both technical and non-technical.