Grassroots Technologies, Inc. Grassroots Technologies, Inc. (‘GRT’) is a privately owned, technical specialist group incorporated as an independent entity in spring, 2000. The company is a low overhead, lean, and nimble organization, consisting of highly skilled individuals who value Open Source and Best-of-Breed technologies when bringing our clients the best possible solutions. Our clients and associated development work are Mobile, Internet/Intranet Internet, Enterprise and Desktop focused, based primarily in the Metro New York Area. The goal of Grassroots is to be the company of choice when our clients and technology partners are asked for referrals. We aim for the New York Internet Community to be of the mindset that “Grassroots Technologies, Inc. is a company which has proven it can get the job done and are a pleasure to work with”. All feedback to date, from the very influential clients we have retained, clearly indicates we are heading towards our goal.  GRT is a very close-knit group that has seen sustained success to over time. We take our work focus and interpersonal relationships very seriously; the result is a consistent level of quality service to our clients. It is this dedication to our work and our people that results in the high level of performance and expertise that is our competitive advantage. As a result, our recruiting activity is controlled, focusing on only the most promising of candidates.

Grassroots Technologies, Inc

United States

Azure/DevOps Solutions Engineer

$168,000-$264,000 / YEAR

Azure/DevOps Solutions Engineer Job Description

GRT is carefully searching for new candidates for a high profile, global commerce engagement located in Sunnyvale and San Bruno, CA.  Local residence is preferred but Pacific Time zone a baseline focus.

We are looking for a well-versed, experienced DevOps Software Engineer to augment our growing team. Reporting directly to the Manager of Edge Platform & Ingress (EPI), this person will be a key contributor in building, testing, managing, documenting and maintaining some of the key components and technologies that power our business.


  • You have superb communication skills, oral & written.
  • You have at least four years of professional DevOps experience spanning some majority of the following technologies.
    • F5
    • Azure/Openstack/GCP
    • Terraform
    • Ansible
    • Bash
    • Python
    • Linux
  • You have some exposure to the following:
    • Go (golang)
    • Prometheus/Thanos/Grafana
    • Nsq
      NOTE: Direct experience with the above tech is preferred but not required. Similar tech in function can be a substitute (e.g. Ruby for Python, AWS for Azure, Puppet/Chef for Ansible, etc)
  • You're comfortable with writing and maintaining performant SQL queries.
  • You're willing to dive in to unfamiliar layers of the stack.
  • You have experience with Linux systems.
  • You're comfortable working on a fully remote team without constant guidance.
  • The drive and passion to learn

The stack involved uses Go and MySQL. Candidates don’t necessarily need to be an expert in these technologies already. We believe smart people can learn anything and are willing to train the you in our specific tools. If you're not familiar with Go, you should be able to demonstrate you'd pick it up quickly.