We started Geneva to help people stay connected to the groups they love and help them make new friends through the groups they have yet to find. We know that being a part of groups is vital to our happiness and well-being, but the tools and platforms most of us use today aren’t designed to help us build and participate in the groups that matter to us. That's why we’re building Geneva — a new communication app that gives groups, clubs, and communities everything they need to come together online, all in one place. We’re an incredibly motivated team with a track record of building successful businesses, backed by leading investors. We're based in New York City, with team members across the globe. Why Join UsWe’re a tight-knit group of tested entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and complementary skill sets obsessed with building the best product possible. We're working on an enormous opportunity: to change how people interact and socialize online. If we achieve our mission, our work will be meaningful and our lives will be purposeful. We're a nimble and solution-focused team. We spend less time worrying about process and hierarchy by operating in a largely flat organizational structure with a laser focus on autonomy, individual responsibilities, and transparent communication. We’re supported by industry-leading investors and advisors (including institutional + angel investors) dedicated to helping us achieve our mission.Product Challenges We want to empower groups and communities from around the world ranging from a 5-person group chat to a 10,000-person climate change community to communicate in a robust, private, safe, secure, and efficient manner. This is no easy task. On the infrastructure side, we're building a modern messaging platform to facilitate large scale real-time group conversations across the globe. Our real-time delivery platform is designed with a distributed fault-tolerant architecture. We strive for insanely fast messaging at scale with the lowest infrastructure costs imaginable. On the UI side, we're building an intuitive and beautiful user experience for everyone. Period. Not just gamers, or tech startups, or people nostalgic for decades old interfaces. To achieve this goal, we need every product and engineering team member to be motivated first and foremost by profound love and empathy for our users. Culture Geneva team members get things done. We are a diverse group of self-starters obsessed with creating a delightful experience for our users. We are curious, passionate, meticulous, results-oriented, and enjoy wearing many hats. We fully embrace radical transparency — in a constructive way. Most of all, we're committed to keeping our team as small as possible for as long as possible. We have an important mission in front of us: to create a new kind of social network built for tight-knit private communities. The most exciting times at Geneva are yet to come, and we expect all team members to take ownership over our mission and constantly improve our product, our culture, and our company. We are looking for new team members who will bring their A-game day in and day out and find solutions to problems we would never have imagined by ourselves. Benefits Geneva offers a range of benefits to all full-time U.S. employees, including:Competitive compensation Fully covered medical, dental, and vision Insurance provided through Justworks/Aetna A new, beautiful, and private office in Soho (all NYC-based team members are optional but more than welcome!) Unlimited PTO Paid parental leave A company 401(k) plan and health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for each team member Other ancillary benefits including a Citi Bike membership, pre-tax commuter benefits, a One Medical membership, on-demand virtual health services through Teladoc, and more.At Geneva, we're committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops people from all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage everyone to apply. Please note: due to the small size of our company, we may not be able to follow up with everyone — but we'll try our best!
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