Geisel Software, Inc. is a Massachusetts-based custom software development firm. Geisel’s highly-trained, innovative team works with some of the most visionary hardware, software and security companies in the medical and robotics industries to create elegantly-designed, world-class web / cloud, mobile apps and embedded software. Geisel Software is committed to understanding our customer’s business and clearly defining project parameters to deliver powerful, unique solutions that allow them to innovate, create and succeed. We often get asked what kind of software we write. We write the software, sometimes called firmware, that makes the device perform the desired function. In a connected world, we also handle the mobile app code (for controlling the device or monitoring it) and the cloud-based web application software. A good example of this is the software we wrote to help a client with their military robots deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We helped develop the software on these connected robots that allowed them to diffuse bombs in the war zone and help save soldier lives. We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team, learn new technology, and help us build some great software!
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