Futaba Industrial Texas Corp.


Tool and Die Supervisor

$55,000-$70,000 / YEAR


This position involves the supervision of Tool and Die employees. This position involves working on and repairing dies. This position involves the training of Tool and Die employees. This position also requires communication with the stamping department to solve, fix and eliminate problems. This position requires compliance and enforcement of all safety standards. Position also requires cleaning and 5-S. This position requires regular and reliable attendance to meet production needs. This position requires following all ISO 14001 and TS16949 standards. This position also requires compliance with quality standards at all times. All employees are responsible for wearing all the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) necessary for the tasks they are performing and/or the location of the building they are located in. All employees are required to perform any job, task, or duty assigned to them, whether or not it is directly related to their specific job title.


  • Welding, Hand Grinding, Milling
  • 4 year degree in tool and die
  • 3 – 5 years of related work experience
Job Requirements
  • Troubleshoot tool and die failures
  • Take tool-die project from conception
  • Make necessary tool and die tryouts
  • Setting up machine tool or tools
  • Perform tool room machining duties
  • Replace parts of the dies and tooling equipment
  • Returned dies and items leaving tool room
  • Perform minor maintenance on die cast dies and machines
  • Clean and maintain production extrusion die and tooling
  • Perform difficult tool room machine operations
  • Specified die sections into machine
  • Perform full range of tool and die work, focusing on die maintenance
  • Lead new tooling reviews with die buy off with corporate tooling design team
  • Operate all tool room equipment expertly to repair/build quality fixtures and dies from tool blueprints and verbal instructions
  • Design progressive die tooling and fixtures for welding, soldering and assembly
  • Assemble new parts in tooling
  • Ensure new tooling and tooling repairs and modifications
  • Perform die repairs at the press and in the tool room
  • Maintain inventory levels for tooling and die needs
  • Assist in tool room duties