About COVID.MD There is a lack of testing and assessment availability for people that are concerned they have had exposure to COVID-19. COVID.MD is a risk assessment, triage, and telemedicine service that is built specifically to help the public with COVID-19 by connecting potential patients with doctors and nurse practitioners. 

FruitStreet Health/CovidMD.com

San Francisco, CA

Principal Staff engineer

About the role:

As a product manager at COVID.MD, you will create telehealth solutions to help the world combat the COVID-19 infection.

You’ll have opportunities to:

  • Help save people's lives.
  • Lead technical decisions in the company.
  • Own large mission-critical projects.
  • Solve complex problems.
  • Provide and organize telehealth solutions.
  • Create data visualizations to map contagion, transmission and other critical data.

What we are looking for:

  • Experience delivering and supporting complex enterprise projects.
  • Experience supporting production environments.
  • Experience of collaboration involving TDD and pair programming.
  • Expert in a programming stack with one or more of the following:
    • 6+ years working with Javascript/Typescript.
    • 10+ years working on Golang or JVM-based technologies.
  • Experience with the following areas:
    • Performance analysis and optimization.
    • Instrumentation, logging, and metrics.
    • Designing and implementing service APIs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, both spoken and written English.
  • A self-starter, who is comfortable in a highly dynamic environment and prepared to engage with others to determine the overall team direction.