West Palm Beach, FL

Hospitality Experience Wanted | Sales Associate

$37,550-$59,550 / YEAR

Hospitality Experience Wanted | Sales Associate 


~ Restaurant, Bartending, Hosting, Catering, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Club Experience Wanted ~


Office Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Availability: Immediate Start - Full Time, Part Time 

Compensation: Ranging Between $37,550 - $59,550 Per Annum 

Required Experience: Hospitality experience preferred due to the number of transferable skills. However, no specific experience is necessary as training is provided. 


Here at Frontline561, we are looking to offer people a new opportunity. An opportunity to progress, an opportunity for growth, an opportunity to be the best version of yourself!


At previous jobs, have you ever felt:


Like no one is listening to what you have to say? Even if it would help others?

That you’re not being paid fairly?

Like you are not being recognized for all of your hard work?

That you have been stuck in the same position with no sign or chance of progression?


Then we want to hire someone hardworking just like you.

What makes us different from other marketing firms? We believe that as time progresses, so does our ever-changing society. In an era that relies so heavily on indirect forms of communication like TV, social media, radio, and so on, we are looking for people to help us start actual conversations again.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • We offer a combination of one to one training and on-site training so that you learn the theory and see it in practice.
  • Our environment is team-oriented, and we like to have fun at work, so you won’t have to worry about cut-throat competition. We support and assist each other!
  • There are a huge amount of incentives for top performers including but not limited to: weekly drinks and meals with management, public recognition and a wall of fame, financial incentives, quarterly seminars, annual retreats, and more!
Job Requirements

Main Duties Include: 

  • Completing sales transactions and processing new customer orders 
  • Face to face customer representation 
  • Documenting and updating customer information
  • Achieve sales targets as set out to you
  • Attending training sessions as needed

So, are you qualified to work with Frontline561?

  • Experience working in customer service fields such as restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, or really any industry that deals with people is encouraged
  • Candidates must be over the age of 18 and authorized to work in the US 
  • A degree is not required, but a degree will not go unnoticed
  • Applicants must be able to commute to our office in West Palm Beach FL
  • Candidates must have positive, excited attitudes and have an interest in trying something new

Don’t wait any longer to get the recognition you deserve, Apply NOW!


Send in your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. Qualified candidates will be contacted upon review.


Successful candidates can expect contact via a call or an email from our HR department within 3-5 business days of submitting your resume. Please ensure that your up to date contact information is included on your resume.