FMN, Inc

Jacksonville, FL

Training and Leadership

$62,243-$120,000 / YEAR

Training and Leadership

Florida Marketing North Prefers ENTRY LEVEL Candidates

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Starting a career with FMN means more than just an ordinary job, it’s an entry level opportunity to leave a mark on the business world! We offer career opportunities to become part of an award-winning team that is taking over the state of Florida.

FMN focuses on building our team of employees with ongoing training and impacts which means we never stop learning and growing. We offer an intense Management Training Program which takes candidates from entry level to management within a year. In this program we teach and train in areas such as Customer Relations, Marketing, Management, Sales, Public Relations and more!

Job Description:

Develop and refine leadership skills/abilities with the goal of eventually moving into a leadership role. As a part of our energetic training team you will oversee new employee growth one on one while reporting to management on a daily basis. Our trainers take part in daily impacts, daily one on one’s and daily meetings to ensure team building and team growth.

Job Duties:

· Team building and motivation.

· Receive and provide training to any team members that need it.

· Work with other leaders to plan and direct the work of the organization.

· Attend quarterly conferences.

· Create reports to update the company on team progress.

· Work in different departments to gain perspective, including marketing, sales, customer service, purchasing, merchandising, and personal departments.

· Participating with management in interviewing, hiring, and training employees.

Job Requirements
  • Skills/Qualifications:

    ·      Self-motivated

    ·      Student mentality

    ·      Able to maintain a positive attitude

    ·      Fun to be around

    ·      Business Knowledge

    ·      Clear Vision

    ·      Good work ethic

    ·      Committed to hitting goals

    ·      Effective communicator


    ? Work with state leaders in auto glass industry
    ? Opportunities for growth in a stable company
    ? Energetic, Supportive Environment