FFL SkyPoint

Lapeer, MI

Insurance Agent: How to Earn $100K+ a Year

$90,000-$400,000 / YEAR

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? Do you want a change that gives you flexibility?

? Are you willing to learn new techniques that will help you succeed?
? Are you ready to join a team that will support you as you build your own nationwide business?

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Watch our agency overview video: FFLjointheteam.com

Join FFL SkyPoint:

  1. - HIGHEST compensation in the industry. Our commission starts anywhere from 100%-145%. Ask us how you can start higher than other companies highest compensation!

  2. - No Fees. There is ZERO cost to join FFL. No CRM fees, no lead override fees, no initiation fees, no training fees.....You pay us NOTHING to work with us!

  3. - Vested Renewals. You own residuals from day one. You don't have to work a specific amount of years in order to have your residuals. That equals passive income from the day you start.

  4. - FREE Training. Learn from $20K/$30K/$40K monthly producers for FREE . All our conference calls, online training, in person ?sales ?training, national conferences are FREE ($0) .

  5. - No Contracts. You are not a captive agent! Most IMOs hold you contract hostage for 6+ months. Try us for 90 days, if it doesn't work out we will release you. We are looking for committed agents only.

??BONUS: NO cold calling... no need to sell to friends and family. We have a generous amount of low cost EXCLUSIVE leads ($0.50 - $15) for everyone to succeed no matter where you're located. We buy LEADS, call the clients, and protect them. It's that easy.

Don't have a license?

We will pay for your Pre-licensing course! Save yourself up to $250 and let us pay for your pre-licensing course!-- Show us proof of your State-Test Registration, and we will help register and PAY for test certification.

Already have a team?

We can help your agency sell more. The more your team makes, the more you make as a whole. Come in with more active agents that are ready to start at FFL and we will INCREASE your starting comp AND show you how to grow larger & faster. Just ask us how…

Job Requirements


-You must have the ability and desire to work full-time

-You must be comfortable meeting with clients, face to face and over the phone

-You must have above average communication skills

-You must have reliable transportation

*Experience is not necessary; WE WILL TRAIN the right candidates and the right work ethic.

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Company Website: fflagencyinfo.com