Family First Life Unleashed

Des Moines, IA

Sales Representative

$75,000-$245,000 / YEAR

Start your new career with us! 


If you’re tired of always making someone else money with your hard work, then this career path might be right for you! We are looking for highly motivated, independent personalities to join our team. You’ll need to get your life insurance license, but we will help you with that! Agents on our team make around $15,000-$45,000 a MONTH or more. We can show you exactly how to do the same--no experience in the industry needed. 


In our experience, people with the following traits tend to succeed here more than others:

  • Independent mindset

  • Strong work ethic

  • Enjoys helping and talking with people

  • Winners

  • Desire to make stupid money

  • Positive attitude

  • Relentless 

  • Athletes

This is a career that you can literally step right into. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your license and go through training--nothing compared to other industries with the same income potential. You can make $10k your first week (or more). The company record is $90,000 in the first month, I kid you not. The harder you work, the more money you make. The second year is where you'll really start to see the money pour in, thanks to automatic vesting with our company (you start to get renewal income from your sales the year before). And if that's not enough for you, you have the opportunity to start your own agency at any point.

Job Requirements

As a licensed agent, you will meet with interested prospects to help them find coverage that best suits their situation. Prospects submit their information to us with the expectation of having an agent reach back out to them. You will arrange a time to meet with prospects, typically at their home. During the meeting, you will speak with the prospect about their insurance needs, financial situation, and personal health history. Based on the answers given, you will present the prospect with options to choose from, and help them apply for coverage. Essentially, you will be "shopping around" to help your clients get life insurance coverage that makes the most sense.

Because we specialize in simplified issue products, agents will typically only need to meet with prospects one time. Most applications are approved immediately and paid out the next day. You'll make an average of $1000 per approved application.