You can’t design culture! The F-Secure team is diverse, fluid, fun-loving, and full of energy. It’s our job to preserve that, so we’ve made it our business to help individuals traverse from passion to passion, from specialism to specialism, from the flavor of today to tomorrow’s. We move with their needs, and help them build Pathways, always focusing on the things that make them happy in and beyond of the office. See yourself here? Bring your best self and apply now. To describe everything we do at F-Secure would take pages of text. So instead, here are a few quotes written by some of the teams working here. We hope they give you a glimpse into the sort of things we're doing right now. "As data engineers we process data, and lots of it. We utilize AWS technologies heavily, often building serverless solutions that combine Lambda functions, Kinesis streams and S3 storage. We’re language-agnostic and will pick a language that is most suitable for the problem at hand. Often this means JavaScript (Node.js) or Python but we've also used Java and Scala. Our systems process data both in real-time and in batches using EMR and Spark. We handle both the development and operation of our solutions, typically with the help of AWS CloudWatch. Right now, our main tasks include providing data for content classification, malware classification and intrusion detection solutions." Klas, Data Engineering Team "Our team is in charge of designing technologies and logic to detect new threats surfacing in the wild. Right now my team is working on designing logic to detect file-less malware and attack vectors, which have been on the rise during the past year. To do this, we've collected data from compromised environments and fed it into elasticsearch. From there we performed data analytics (using tools such as Splunk and Kibana) in order to find patterns in the PowerShell command-lines seen in each attack. These patterns are now being used to drive the design of new malware detection logic." Edil, Threat Protection Team “When looking for my first-entry software development job, something struck me about F-Secure compared with other companies. F-Secure had always been a force of influence in my life and public appearances by Mikko and Erka, as well as my growing interest in cyber security made F-Secure feel like a good choice for me. Having no prior experience in the field other than through my University studies, I felt that I would receive the right guidance about ways of working and thinking within this field. Now, working in F-Secure, I know I have made the right choice; an international company with a motivating work environment and concrete, expert guidance from cyber security professionals.” Joel Lehtelä, Junior Developer (Oulu, Finland) F-Secure is not just a software house. We employ plenty of experts in areas such as data science, malware analysis, reverse engineering, penetration testing, software security, incident response and forensics, red teaming, risk management, hardware vulnerability testing, and a whole lot more. Folks who work at F-Secure often switch roles, learn new disciplines, and work with stuff that most people don't see in regular tech jobs (or any jobs, for that matter). If you're interested in cyber security and the idea of gaining highly sought-after skills and experience in a rapidly growing industry where there are currently more than two jobs for every experienced individual (and that number is growing every year), take a look at our open positions.


Helsinki, FI

Senior macOS Developer

€60,000-€72,000 / YEAR

F-Secure delivers research-led cyber security to defend organizations, society and people from real-world attacks and build resilience into their approach. Our people are a mix of technical and creative experts – diverse, talented, and passionate people – working tirelessly to help us advance the industry with new ways of thinking. They lead their own development, in and out of the office. They call the shots when it comes to building a place to call home in our organization.

At F-Secure we are committed to help people and corporates to do business free of worries about cyber threats and risks. It is our undertaking to deliver the most innovative state of the art cyber security products and solutions to our customers world-wide.

Our world-class security top experts work hard to create best products, solutions, and services for our customers. F-Secure Corporate Cyber Security R&D unit develops and delivers products used by F-Secure B2B partners and end customers. We are a flat and agile software R&D organization consisting of software developers, Test Automation (TA) specialists and software architects. We are a multi-site & multi-cultural team of passionate fellows, we see diversity as an asset. We work closely with Product Management setting high-level roadmap which then our R&D champions turn into product features and functionalities. We also work very closely with F-Secure Labs analyzing cyber threats on a daily basis in order to better understand how to beat the bad guys. F-Secure is very much a product organization, and without R&D, the majority of our B2B business wouldn’t exist.

As a key player, Senior Developer has an overall responsibility of developing high quality products to satisfy our customer needs and continuously improving working processes, tooling and way of working.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop macOS B2B cyber security products and utilize the latest and greatest technologies, processes and tools
  • Improve processes, way of working and common practices, such as architecture, continuous integration and test-automation
  • Contribute to products roadmaps and other long-time plans
  • Proactively collaborate with all technical stakeholders, in- and cross-team, such as lead developers and architects

What we expect from you

  • Ability to clearly and reasonably conduct a technical discussion
  • Experience in software development for macOS and understanding of Apple ecosystem in general
  • Understanding macOS internals such as launchd, XPC, codesigning and notarization
  • Fluent in Objective-C and Swift
  • Experience in the whole software development process, from working with requirements to maintaining software and handling support cases
  • Good scripting skills (we use Python, shell and others)
  • Fluent in English
  • A hunger for constantly learning more
  • Can-do attitude and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent team player, self-confident and willing to work in fast changing environments.

We also value in experience

  • Continuous integration and build systems (we use Jenkins, Makefile, xcodebuild)
  • Practical experience with Swift Package Manager
  • Practical experience with SwiftUI
  • Understanding of test automation
  • Development for iOS, Linux and/or Windows

What will you get from us

  • Rewarding work that contributes to the common foundation of F-Secure's product portfolio
  • Flexible and friendly working environment being surrounded by world-class software and cyber security experts
  • Ability to influence team practices and culture as one of the core members of the team

A security background check will be conducted for the selected candidate, in accordance with the Finnish Security Clearance act 726/2014.