Express Employment Professionals - Newport News

Hampton, VA

Maintenance Mechanic

$37,000-$76,000 / YEAR

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Maintenance Mechanic in Hampton, VA This position supports production by installing, maintaining and repairing equipment- this includes the rebuilding of machinery, tooling and equipment.

The Mechanic responsibilities also include but are not limited to:

  • Repairing and maintaining complicated and/or special-purpose machines and equipment
  • Disassembling problematic equipment and determine the extent of necessary repairs
  • Replace broken, worn, or defective tooling, parts, etc.
  • Welding and rigging when required
  • Basic Machining, plumbing, and minor electrical work
  • Build platforms and fabricate metal fixtures
  • Repair forklifts, lawn equipment, and industrial cleaning equipment
  • Repair and refit problematic parts and/or tooling as necessary
  • Make any needed changes or adjustments to insure the efficient and safe operation of machines and equipment
  • Inspect work for quality and safety before releasing equipment into general use/production
  • Participate in total quality management projects to achieve continuous improvement
  • electrical experience & a solid understanding in this area is a PLUS!!

The Successful Incumbent will also:

  • Have 5+ years of maintenance experience
  • Be able to maneuver in small tight spaces
  • Be able to climb ladders
  • Respond to issues with a sense of urgency
  • Ensure quality standards are met at all times
  • Have prior Manufacturing Experience
  • Be able to work around electrical, mechanical, and environmental hazards existing in manufacturing environments- including moving parts and objects, high-powered machinery, sharp metal shavings, blades, tools, etc.
  • Stand/walk continuously throughout the shift.
  • Be capable of lifting up to 75 lbs.
  • Be capable of reaching, twisting, bending, kneeling and/or other awkward movements.
  • Be able to work at heights above ground level.