Elisa Automate delivers proven multivendor network automation solutions to reduce cost and improve the customer experience for CSPs. With Elisa Automate software, network processes can be fully automated, allowing engineering experts to focus on other value-creating tasks. With the use of machine learning and AI, Elisa Automate brings advanced predictive analytics and preventive maintenance to the networks. Elisa is a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services. With digitalisation, we’re providing solutions for things that are important to people and for sustainable development. During our nearly 140-year history, we have always been enthusiastic about utilising new technologies and ways of working. Today we serve over 2.8 million customers in Finland, Estonia and internationally, working daily to improve customer experience and quality. Elisa has been ranked multiple times among the best places to work in Finland, which we are incredibly proud of. We promote sustainable digitalization by continuously improving the reliability, safety, availability and climate impact of our services. Our people are super talented. We work in teams consisting of design, technology and business professionals. We are keen to learn new things by experimenting new technologies and studying users practices - meanwhile having amazing time and fun together. Learn more about Elisa and why we love working here at elisa.fi/jobs.
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