ei3 is both cutting edge and rooted in history. It started in 1999 with the insight that industrial machine data becomes more valuable when securely liberated from the factory floor. Since then, ei3 has built and delivered solutions that deliver billions of dollars in value to our customers, based on secure communications, big data, and plentiful sensors.  Over time terms such as “Digital Transformation”, “Internet of Things”, and “Industry 4.0” were coined for our original insight, and other companies have entered the market. Because we were there when it started, we have the real-world experience that allows us to deliver a sensible and cost-efficient, “no-code IoT” approach, proven by thousands of people connecting to tens of thousands of machines every day. And we keep investing in our apps, infrastructure, and our people – keeping us and our customers ahead of the competition.  ei3 customers own their data. Our role is to keep data safe, secure and available. This critically important task is made easier with our ISO 27001 certified private cloud. Our state-of-the-art equipment located around the world in high-performance data centers is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of industrial machines and their owners and is open to integrate with your own data servers or cloud infrastructure. Our work is important to us and helps define who we are.  We are passionate about using technology to create new solutions for our customers. We are respectful of each other and our customers, and of all the diverse perspectives around the world. We are proud to be working together, and that the results of our hard efforts are good for our planet earth Everyone at ei3 team has a role and is responsible for delivering excellent work.  But our ethic of responsibility goes further; we act responsibly in cases where work is needed beyond our written role.  We do the right things because it’s the right thing to do. ei3’s team is its greatest asset and we know that it’s important to recognize and reward our team members for their work.  Rewards are found in professional satisfaction, work-life balance, benefits and compensation.   Therefore, we seek to recognize our employees for their contributions and provide relevant, meaningful and timely rewards that are in alignment with company goals and industry norms. Teamwork is at our foundation. At ei3 we know that by working together as a team we can deliver much more than the sum of our individual contributions. We are independent, self-financed and have grown based purely on the strength of our business and the value we bring to our customers. For us the future looks bright, we’re proud to have served many excellent companies over the years and look forward to continued growth.
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