Sales CSR

Davenport, FL 4 weeks ago


Davenport, FL

Sales CSR

$40,000-$45,000 / YEAR


start entry level and grow within a company

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Do you work well in a team? Do you enjoy collaborating and working with others?

Were you active in sports when you were younger?

If so, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.



At East Coast Executive Inc, we opened our doors with one goal in mind - being the best in our sales industry. By providing our team with a team-oriented, goal-centric environment, we have quickly secured that title and look to add to our growing team. We might be a little competitive and really focused on our work, but who doesn’t want to be the best!?

You’ll fit in perfectly with our team if you’re:

  • High-energy
  • Goal-oriented
  • Disciplined
  • Self-motivated
  • Ambitious
  • Social


In 2020, do you?

  • Want to grow
  • Want to be a better leader
  • Look to be in management
  • Work better with people than alone
  • Strive for more in life


Requirements for a Sales CSR:

  • 2-4 year degree (or relevant experience)
  • The desire to work face-to-face with customers
  • Previous customer service, sales, retail, restaurant, hospitality experience
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team
  • High social skills


Advancement opportunities for Sales CSR include:

  • Training and developing new Account Managers
  • Executive management positions


Job RequirementsNow we want to know WHO YOU ARE:

Preferably, you are hungry for success and have the work ethic to back up your talk of wanting such success. Any individual joining our team needs a stellar resume with proof of being hard working, having a great sense of humor, and a glimmer of entrepreneurial aspirations. The ECE team needs people with the previously mentioned qualifications who are professional enough to meet with clients on a daily basis to drive sales and generate revenue. Otherwise, we would just be a team of funny people. If you have prior experience in our field, great. If you don't, that's fine too. We are going to train you on our systems either way. If you apply them and have somewhat of a business head on your shoulders, you will probably do great. If you don't, well, it will be less than awesome - which nobody wants.

Sound like you? Perfect. Here are a few more things we would like to see on your resume:

·       Education - have you committed some amount of your life to learn something new.

·       Experience - not required, but by this point in one's life, they've had some sort of experience worthy of making their resume. We'd like to know what it is.

·       Extra-Curricular Activities - have you exerted extra energy to do fun things or help people out?

·       Most importantly, are you willing to commit to being trained in an area you may know nothing about, or be good at on the first try, without giving up?

If you answered "YES" to the last question, regardless of anything else, please apply now. You are who we want