East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.

Winchester, KY

Warehouse Technician

$26,130-$30,998 / YEAR

This position is responsible for performing manual labor, analysis and computer work related to the delivery, distribution, storage, and control of warehouse materials. This position involves material handing, shipping, receiving, customer service, and physical inventory counts. At higher levels, the position involves utilizing ERP software for research, transaction entry, analytical work related to inventory control and root cause analysis for cycle count and physical count variances, as well as the preparation and use of spreadsheets that include inventory information.

Job Requirements

Warehouse Technician Level 1

  • Receives and unloads materials.
  • Verifies material received is correct and free of damage.
  • Operates forklift to move materials.
  • Issues materials to operating groups.
  • Delivers materials to job site as needed.
  • Separates, counts, and evaluates returned materials.
  • Uses ERP system to reference and verify information.
  • Conducts inventory cycle counts and physical counts.
  • Processes and stores materials requiring special handling including HAZMAT materials.
  • Utilizes applications software such as Microsoft Excel and Word to maintain and reference data.
  • References MSDS information for proper materials handling and storage.
  • Works within department, EKPC, and OSHA policy and safety guidelines.
  • Regularly cleans warehouse.
  • Conducts safety walkthroughs.
  • On-call duty for after-hours material needs.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Duties for additional levels are available on our company website.