What makes earwig special and timely We're tackling a salient and seriously juicy problem that could change the face of work for everyone, not just tradespeople. We're doing it as a 3-person product team optimised for speed and learning. We're super well-connected in the construction industry and we can guarantee to have at least five users to test with every week. We've just raised a pre-seed round and it's an opportunity for you to join us at a pivotal moment – to come in at ground level and co-create our culture. We're friendly, fair, smart, open-minded, and we like to celebrate wins as much as plans. We have a clear product vision and the commitment to achieve it. Finally, we have the breadth and depth of networks to be able to solve any problem we don't already know how to solve ourselves. Your benefits include:£60,000 - £65,000 annual salary. 1.25% share options. Awesome workspace at InnovationRCA, Battersea. Join a thriving community. Ongoing personal and professional learning opportunities and mentorship from industry experts at the Royal College of Art, Venrex, Bethnal Green Ventures, Resolution Foundation and more. Be empowered to solve problems in the best way you see fit. Define your own work culture. Develop into a manager and leader if you wish. Do meaningful work that’s commercially successful and socially important.
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