Diamond Coast Inc.

Waltham, MA


$38,000-$75,000 / YEAR

At Diamond Coast , our team values integrity, honesty & courage. Each member is like family. We encourage, motivate, and push ourselves to exceed beyond any expectation. We are successful and we love what we do! We have expanded and growing so fast that we need 3-4 new members. Whether you’re already part of our team in search of a new challenge or new to our company and ready for what’s next, you’re in the right place. Diamond Coast stands proud in our community and our attitude never changes: “ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT”

As a sales specialist, you’ll wear many hats — you’ll use consultative selling techniques to attract, retain and sell products and ensure excellent service.

Diamond Coast cross-trains all employees within leadership development which includes:

  • Interviewing
  • Sales and marketing training fundamentals
  • Team building and mentoring
  • Entry level marketing and sales consulting


Position Benefits

·        · Competitive Compensation- Weekly Pay

·        · Merit Based Advancement

·        · Exciting Bonuses & Incentive Plan

·        · Company Events

·        · Fun Work Environment

·        · Most Major Holidays Off

·        · Travel Opportunities

Job Requirements

This position is full time and involves responsibilities in:

  • Entry level sales & marketing

Communicating with customers face to face about products or services

Sign up consumers

Represent our clients in the retail settings

  • Entry level management training

Leadership Building

How to run a successful team

Learning to communicate with team members

  • Sales and marketing presentations

Present products and services in a professional manner

Have good communication skills

Able to learn about services and products

Have a student mentality

Ability to present face to face