DHL Enterprise Software Solutions team , formed just two years ago, is the first and only DHL Freight R&D team in our country. Our main project is relying on the development of the new Freight Transport Management System. The goal is to have one integrated system that will replace all existing systems in more than 32 countries with DHL's terminals. The proper architecture of the new TMS system together with it’s scalability and capability to support future business continuity are crucial for further rollouts on a global scale. This ambitious endeavor involves different aspects of the logistics world and encompasses the entire business transaction cycle. Since its origin, the team has been involved not only in the pure implementation of the business logic and technological evolution of the system but the overall organization around the project and the design of the business processes into the application. As such, we use an evolutionary lean process to enable us to improve in all aspects – from our cross-functional collaboration and organization, through the development process and enhancement of the DevOps pipeline, e.g. with containerization. The pioneer We are the first R&D team of the logistics giant DHL and we are developing the new transport management system of the company. Enterprise project Our Java based project is related to the integration of all existing TMS systems in DHL worldwide. A new start Our development team is autonomous and goal oriented. Core ValuesCompany of friends - great working atmosphere, supportive colleagues and open communication. Constant learning - we are open to improve ourselves and we are open to learn from every experience that comes our way. Constant growth - we value your achievement and appreciate every effort in the project. Clear goals and a lot of possibilities for career growth. Autonomous team - you will have the ownership of your daily tasks. Inspiration - Leading by example is our key strategy, so we are engaged to share our expertise and to inspire others. We care - we are participating in various corporate social activities, because we know that caring is sharing.
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