DeansList is the daily driver app that runs the ops of great K12 schools. We make it easy for schools to keep track of the data that matters,, distribute it across the school to all stakeholders, and communicate more frequently and more effectively with families.Your work will make a real difference for students and educators in under-served communities. We're small but we've been profitable since 2017 and have strong YoY growth. That means we have the culture and agility of a startup but the stability and job security of an established company. Our clients and users love our platform and our customer retention rates exceed 90% YoY. Many of our users are highly technical and we even have our own in-app IDE for developing reports.


United States

Senior Software Engineer - Client Facing

$120,000-$145,000 / YEAR

DeansList is hiring its first-ever, dedicated client-facing engineer.

Who is DeansList?

  • We’re a bootstrapped ed-tech company that creates software that helps schools run better.
  • Our SaaS platform is used by hundreds of innovative schools across the country.
  • We’re proud to serve many traditionally underserved communities.
  • Every school’s needs are different, and our software is highly customizable.
  • We’re continually solving hard (aka interesting) problems.
  • We have the footprint and culture of a startup with the stability and resilience of a large company.
  • We’re used to working remotely; we’ve been doing it for almost five years.
  • We love delighting our customers with software and service that go beyond expectations.
  • We believe in work-life balance--an exhausted dev is not a creative dev.

This role will take direct ownership of three of our most important functional areas:

  • Integrations: DeansList is just one piece of a modern school’s tech ecosystem and we believe in supporting interoperability is critical to our mission. We have a robust integration layer and you’ll be responsible for managing that codebase, our library of existing connections, and developing connections to new systems.
  • Client-Specific Code: To streamline schools day-to-day-ops we sometimes deploy custom scripts to our enterprise clients. At first you’ll be responsible for owning our existing script library and developing new scripts for clients as needed. As many of these scripts are widely used and solve needs for many clients, you’ll also have the opportunity to develop these into first-class features.
  • Support Engineering: You’ll work directly with our rockstar School Success Team to troubleshoot technical issues and to architect creative solutions for our clients.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting client-facing teammates and end-users in all of the above areas.
  • Building processes to improve the way these requests are triaged, prioritized, addressed and closed out.
  • Designing and building features to scale the above two tasks.

People who will succeed in this role:

  • Love working with end-users and non-technical members of a team, learning about their workflows, and implementing solutions that make their jobs easier.
  • Are comfortable working with complex relational data models.
  • Are great at writing scripts and finding innovative ways to hack a solution together, but also enjoy medium and large-scale feature development.
  • Enjoy working with APIs and get excited making two systems talk to each other.
  • Are motivated by the challenge of finding a solution to every user’s problem, but also comfortable pushing back when appropriate.
  • Excellent multi-taskers who don’t mind switching between small and large-scale projects.
  • Are not scared by the challenge of working on a large pre-existing codebase and your first urge isn’t always to scrap everything and rebuild.
  • Bonus: have worked with other ed-tech systems and have familiarity with common education data models


And finally, here’s the profile of who we think would thrive in this role. This isn’t an exact science - if you don’t meet everyone of these qualifications but feel you’d succeed in this role we encourage you to apply.

  • 4+ years of professional development experience with our core stack:
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • REST APIs
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Familiarity with some of the other technologies we use:
    • GraphQL
    • React / React Native
    • Redis
  • 2+ years experience supporting end-users
  • Experience in or a connection to education/ed-tech


  • Health (fully covered), dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • 401k w/ matching contributions
  • Paid family leave
  • Short/long-term disability coverage
  • Ongoing training and development