Dabe & Company


Maintenance Technician

$60,000-$65,000 / YEAR

Dabe and Company is a Recruiting Agency, you can learn more about us [ Link Removed ] This direct hire, full time position with all fees paid solely by the company retaining us. We will respect your information while keeping our contact with you confidential until you decide to move forward.  Should you decide to hear more about the role you can call us directly at [ Phone number blocked ] . Or, apply directly to the posting uploading your resume.

Job Requirements

The company we represent is a major food manufacturer in Northeast IN. They have a large presence in the retail market with several manufacturing plants. If you like an environment that allows you to be involved, work in a Team and enjoy a clean and automated facility then this is the role for you.

Below experiences we are looking for.

  • Good understanding of Industrial electricity
  • 3 phase power, contactors, motor starters, overloads, fuse blocks, relays, low voltage control circuits, photo eyes,    etc…
  • Knowledge of AC drives installation and setup.
  • Knowledge of DC servo-drives
  • Ability to:
    • adjust and replace and/or repair mechanical drive components
    • adjust and replace chain & sprockets, pulleys, bearings, gearboxes
    • troubleshoot, replace and/or repair solenoids, cylinders, & pneumatic/vacuum systems
  • Welding / fabrication- a plus
  • Desire to work on small process improvement teams