What is Current Mobile?Our mission as a company is to enable budget-conscious consumers to earn additional passive income from their everyday habits. We have millions of monthly users and have achieved over 2,500% revenue growth in 2020. Our users earn millions of dollars a year in rewards by using our products. Current Mobile Inc is a US-based company that builds mobile technology products for budget-conscious consumers. Our products let people around the world earn passive income while using their mobile phones for daily habits like music, games, news, shopping, browsing, charging, and even unlocking their device. Our passionate team of innovation leaders relentlessly convert user attention and data into rewards.  Our flagship products, Current Rewards, and Mode Smartphone (modephone.com) are hugely popular with millions of users around the world. It is our goal to provide a free Mode phone to every budget-conscious consumer on the planet, enabling them to earn up to $100 each month while passively using their device. Our common purpose is to bring financial joy to the lives of our user base. In 2018, Current became the first company to raise over $36M through an SEC-registered security token offering, to implement our royalty-paying token $CRNC across company product lines.  Why Current Mobile?You have an opportunity to be one of the first people to join a team of high caliber ambitious people who are out to challenge the status quo of content consumption.  We’re a well-funded revenue-generating company, and have a runway for years to come. We are rapidly growing and as we embark on the next phase of our incredible expansion, we are looking for exceptional talent to help fuel the growth. We’re committed to bringing diverse industry experiences and perspectives together. The team is made up of alumni from Y-Combinator, Ivy League Universities, College Dropouts, Fortune 500, and everything in between. We have superior financiers, advisors, and several top-tier institutional investors. Our leadership team has worked together on various projects over the last seven years which has greatly impacted their ability to evolve from past challenges and build efficient and effective processes. We care about building a disruptive product that empowers our users. We think big!How We Work:Current is committed to learning, exploring new ideas & alternatives, and is united by curiosity. We are results-driven, use OKRs to guide us on our decisions, and emphasize goal accomplishment.We put emphasis on the following values: Lead with PurposeLeadership does not necessarily mean management. Everyone is a leader, no matter the role. Taking pride in your responsibilities, finding & executing solutions is key.Focus on the ‘Why’The best solutions start with everyone understanding the problem and its impact. We’ve found that if someone understands the ‘why’, they will produce an innovative ‘what’ and ‘how’. If we cannot explain the ‘why’ clearly, we don’t understand the problem ourselves.Bring a Sense of HumorOur work environment is a lighthearted & positive place where employees are united by humor and camaraderie; we believe laughter is a great way to uplift employee morale and form bonds with each other.Set New PrecedentsWe drive innovation and push boundaries for all company activities while understanding that anything worth doing will have roadblocks. We set a new standard of worth for people’s time, data, and attention while rewarding what most other companies take.CollaborationWe won’t thrive without recognizing others strengths. Listen and evolve together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal.We believe in the following workplace Norms: Honor Commitments, Your Word MattersSpecific Measurable Attainable Relevant & Timely (S.M.A.R.T) Asks & AnswersAllow OKRs To Guide UsIndividual & Departmental OKRs will largely impact success at CurrentAgree to Disagree & CommitVoice concerns in a respectful & appropriate manner directly to your manager or the Executive TeamAssume Positive IntentAlways start from the idea that a person meant well or was doing their best, no matter what they say or do What We Are Offering:Participation in the company’s equity & token plan Health, dental, and vision insurance with employer contribution  Work with highly curated high caliber people Celebrate employee personal milestones Remote team building activities every 6-8 weeks Virtual happy hours & virtual coffee buddies Bonus.ly - we use bonus.ly as a way to recognize and reward employees for their hard work + commitment  Monthly virtual yoga + meditation classes We follow the “12 PM to 1 PM CST Break” - no meetings during this time to encourage team members to take a break in their workday

Current Mobile

United States

Senior Android Engineer ( Remote )

What is Current Mobile?

Our mission as a company is to enable budget-conscious consumers to earn additional passive income from their everyday habits. We have millions of monthly users and have achieved over 2,500% revenue growth in 2020. Our users earn millions of dollars a year in rewards by using our products.

Senior Android Engineer For Our Engagement Team

The larger organization is split into cross-functional product teams. The Engagement team consists of 3 Android Engineers, 2 Backend Engineers, 1 QA Engineer and 1 Product Manager. We're focused on increasing daily users' earning, improving onboarding, and ultimately increasing retention.

In the past 2 months, we have…

  • increased revenue by a significant multiple into a mid-8 figure run-rate.
  • improved infrastructure to support a huge increase in growth (nearly 500,000 people earn through our products each day!)
  • increased retention by 30%
  • increased user payouts by 65%
  • stamped-out fraudulent/bot usage
  • launched our own proprietary smartphone Mode (modephone.com) - the first ever phone that pays you

This work, combined with the hard work from our peers in the Revenue Team, has led to over a 3x increase in user lifetime value! By the end of this year, we had hoped to sustainably grow to over 400,000 DAU (which we have already surpassed)!

We operate in 2-week sprints, release Android updates weekly, and control specific functionality through a powerful split testing and feature flagging system. Our Product Managers are committed to measuring and quantifying the impact of every change before we move on.

The team varies between working collaboratively and independently. We want everyone to feel encouraged to take a feature from idea through development and post-release all on their own. But, some problems are best solved together, in which case pair programming, whiteboarding sessions, and discussions are frequent.

Current has 15 engineers out of 32 people in total, distributed around the world (including Chicago, Mexico, California, Argentina, and Croatia). The Engagement team is based in Chicago, Hermosillo, Juárez, Mexico City, and Seoul.


We rely heavily on the following technologies:

  • Java and Kotlin for the android application.
  • Android Studio for development.
  • Nevercode for a CI/CD Tool.
  • Github for version control.

Role Expectations

You’ll be joining the Android team, working on one (or more!) of the key product areas. The specific projects will vary each sprint. As a member of the backend team, you’ll find yourself...

  • taking projects from planning through technical implementation, deployment, and post-deployment.
  • be a strong advocate for unit/integration testing
  • writing high-quality, stable, maintainable, and well-tested code.
  • switching between working solo and collaboratively to complete projects quickly.
  • meet and work with the product team to understand the customer’s needs.

We are looking for an additional senior-level Android engineer to join the team.

We offer a generous salary based on experience and location, stock options, and bonuses.

We'd love to talk with you if…

  • the company and projects excite you!
  • you’ve built large, world-class Android apps, preferably in Kotlin.
  • you're passionate about automated testing and continuous delivery.
  • you’re excited to level-up our testing, debugging, and product quality.
  • you’re excited to deliver high-quality features at a fast pace.
  • you’re a direct and empathetic communicator.you’re comfortable with a little chaos. We’re a fast-growing product and team, so we’re constantly making improvements when process/technical issues come up.

Interview Process The process is normally a 30-minute phone interview, a 2-hour technical and management interview, 1 hour interview with a Product Manager, and 30 minute final-round exec/VP interview.