About Copia  Copia Wealth Studios is looking for developers to tackle the radical transformation underway in the finance space. We have four core values that we believe make the ideal teammate:Be Humble.Be Humane.Be Hungry.Be Holistic.We're a band of innovators, designers, and technologists looking to simplify wealth and unlock unprecedented access for all investors. We pride ourselves on building idiomatic native experiences. We know design matters, and we know investing in pixel-perfection is worthwhile. We believe culture is the one thing you can't over-invest in. We accept humans are poor substitutes for robots - we also understand humans are not resources.  The Copia Wealth Studios team has created global #1 applications, built Deloitte Fast 500 companies, won National Entrepreneur of the Year awards, launched successful challenger banks, and shipped software for hundreds of complex enterprises. What are we building? Our first Product is a financial intelligence platform designed to help high net worth individuals (think business owners, family offices, entrepreneurs, and athletes) manage their investments. Our 'Patrons' track everything from art to crypto to real estate and business assets.  The team comprises veterans who have been shipping products for decades; we've been designing and developing native iOS apps since the dawn of the iOS SDK. We've already unlocked early product-market fit, we're fully funded, and we have plenty of runway to match our ambitions.  We don't believe in code tests, but if you're interested in helping us build the future of finance, send a few samples of your work: GitHub, radars on Open Radar, or something else that represents work you’re proud of. Fostering a Welcoming Community We have a number of simple processes that help with making new hires feel included. Things like the daily standup, weekly happy hours, OKR & weekly reflections, 1-3-6 month check-ins, an active Slack instance, and regular game nights (everything from virtual poker to Among Us). What are we doing about inclusion and diversity? We're committed to building a team where the talent can do their best work. As such, we're creating an environment of psychological safety where all teammates can be valued, respected, and heard. Our belief is that diversity and inclusion enable us to broaden our perspectives and build a more equitable future. We encourage applicants from all creeds, backgrounds, and walks of life to apply.  
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