Our Product and Engineering teams stays close to our customers, building the tools to deliver on our promise to make running their business easier. We make decisions fast, and priorities change as we adapt to the needs of our industry so we welcome folks that relish in the challenges of pace. We believe in quick iteration and in the moment feedback, so we can work collectively to build the best team and product. ENGINEERING TEAM AND PROCESSES Our team is in a growth stage with team members in roles oriented towards where they are strongest in the stack right now. * Backend * Frontend * Mobile * QA * Product Engineering (direct customer supporting engineering) We're a small team still so there is opportunity to have real responsibility when joining. We are an entirely remote team with folks spread out all across North America and we are looking for people that are comfortable with and prefer remote work. We generally work a central timezone oriented day. We run a loose agile process based on a 2 week sprint, with sprint grooming (evaluation of tasks) and sprint planning (estimation and bring tasks into sprints) driving the short term process. There is a daily standup meeting to sync with the team and discuss any roadblocks or issues each morning. We run a quarterly planning process to set our roadmap - typically a full day planning session where we discuss quarterly and yearly goals, possible upcoming projects, the merits of projects and then give them a rough ordered based on the evaluation. We use slack heavily for most types of communication within the team and across teams in the company along with tools like zoom. We aren't a meeting heavy company the majority of meetings are for team planning or product demo/discussion. TECHNICAL CHALLENGES We're rapidly growing which brings with it lots of changes to the way we need solve core platform problems.Scaling our system to support major growth in usage - things like queue handling, data lookup performance and cachingFast paced feature development - implementing and rolling out major new features using feature flagging so that we can beta test and iterate on changes faster PROJECTS YOU MIGHT WORK ONQueue Overhaul: One great example is queue management and implementation. We use queues really heavily to process work and communicate with outside systems. We have changes we want to make to improve our processing capabilities to allow for prioritization, rate limit handling and other expansions to our system.Building a mobile application pipeline: Currently we support mobile apps for a large number of our customers. As part of that of that offering we create mobile apps using a partially automated process for both new app generation and app updates and modifications. As part of this project we need to:Create a new customer facing interface for adding and changing application assets.Automate the process of generating and validating new application projectsImprove the build process and allow for automated submission and release of new versions


United States

Support Engineer / Tier2 Fullstack Engineer

$100,000-$120,000 / YEAR

Support Engineer / T2 Fullstack Engineer

We’re looking for an engineer to join our “Tier 2” organization, acting as an intermediary between Support and Product Engineering to resolve technical issues efficiently in the product. This person will live between the customer and product, triaging customer feedback and doing the engineering work to debug and fix immediate issues in the platform. They’ll also be doing light feature development when it can help our customers be successful.

This position is critical for our real time platform success, and folks that would succeed here have an incredible motivation to help people. If the work requires the core engineering team’s experience, our Support Engineer will collaborate and provide insight to the core issues and suggested solutions.

In this role, you will 

  • Debug platform issues as they arise, gathering the resources you need from engineering to accomplish tasks or escalate needs that require different engineering knowledge
  • Work within our Internal Development team to optimize tools needed to view and resolve issues between Support and Engineering
  • Always be problem solving - when you’re stuck, you will confidently find solutions independently
  • Collaborate with our support team to ensure we’re delivering the right solutions to customer’s problems.
  • Gain intimate knowledge of how our platform functions, and learn a lot about product development along the way

If you’re right for this role, you 

  • 2+ years of programming experience in a professional environment (required)
  • Love helping people to your core - you thrive on wins for folks in need
  • Prefer PHP/Laravel experience, but RoR, Java, or Python would be great too!
  • Have experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Have familiarity with APIs
  • Might have basic Linux experience - not required but certainly helpful
  • Know how to investigate log files and kick off solutions
  • Invest a lot into your continuing education -- you have a list of go-to development learning resources, and probably have some side projects under your belt