Matt Ebert has been working on laser systems and software for the past 10 years and has a passion for embedded devices and numerical software. Matt has built large parts of our quantum control and calibration system. Noah Pederson enjoys datastructures, algorithms and learning new frameworks and tools. He's also a major car enthusiast, ask him about his ride. Noah has built a number of frameworks for data management in our systems and has helped transition us to a build system and proper CI practices. Paul Romlow has extensive experience building enterprise applications. When he's not building quantum computers, you can find him building custom motorcycles. Paul is our resident database guru and has helped build our data management system for our quantum computers. Austin Belknap worked on parts of the Large Hadron Collider and also worked at Google. Now he helps with our data analysis tools and data management systems. He's also a certified diver. Larry Buza has extensive experience building full stack web applications in the telecom industry and now helps build our web services. Sneheet Mishra has worked in areas ranging from embedded devices to petabyte scale storage systems. He's helping build our control and calibration systems and using his experience to help handle the 100's of TB of data we produce. Ryan Prior is a rubyist who helped build the Conjur secrets management platform. Ryan is now working on the control and calibration system for our quantum computing platform. Josh Cherek has built a number of full stack and distributed systems and has a background in math and physics. Josh has built parts of our control system, calibration system and now works on our cloud services and quantum programming tools.

ColdQuanta Inc.

Boulder, CO

Front End Software Engineer

$100,000-$150,000 / YEAR

ColdQuanta is developing a quantum computing platform that relies on a suite of uniquely integrated hardware and software. We're looking for a frontend software engineer to accelerate the development of our quantum computing service. This role will involve building frontend web applications that allow users to interact with our quantum datacenter.