Our Mission The number of satellites is expected to grow by 20x over next 10 years. Just as the telephone required automation a hundred years ago when demand exploded, we won’t be able to operate satellites the same way we do today. And so, our mission is to apply the latest in machine learning technology to orchestrate the evolution of space. Our Team Every new member we bring on is crucial to our business. We are building a team of all-stars, from exceptional aerospace engineers, to cloud computing architects, to machine learning and data science wizards. We recruit teammates that set very high standards for themselves and are quick to offer innovative ideas. Our Values Seek excellence, be engaged, and be deliberate. These values guide us and enable us to be at the forefront of this fast-moving market. Who We Work With We are offering our product to satellite operators and work closely with other partners in the aerospace industry to reach our vision of intelligent space machines. We work with the government (DoD and civil) and the commercial industry.
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