Currently operating in 30+ countries and processing up to 7 million transactions a day, Coda Payments ( helps game developers and publishers like Riot Games, Tencent, Garena, EA, KING, Moonton, and other leading digital content providers to monetize their products in places where credit and debit cards aren’t widely used. We establish partnerships with a wide range of alternative payment channel operators who make it possible for customers to pay in other ways: paying cash at retail, using a mobile wallet, making a bank transfer, or redeeming a prepaid card.Coda also allows publishers to accept payments through these various methods on their own website or at our gaming e-commerce site -

Coda Payments

Singapore, SG

Director of Engineering, Infrastructure

About the role
We are looking for a professional who can be a strong leader using his/her deep and fundamental knowledge in cloud infrastructure and SDLS processes such as deployment, monitoring, alerting, and scaling on different levels of the OSI stack. IT compliance will be another responsibility for the Role and would require pedantic and well-planned modifications in the company’s processes. As a Head of the team, you would be in charge of staffing, managing, evaluating the team, and setting effective processes to achieve the goals - we use the OKR framework and pay attention to proved-by-metrics results. Based on interaction with the CTO and other directors, you will define a long-term infrastructure roadmap and will ensure that the resources that you manage work towards this long-term plan.

Our plans
As a company, we have ambitious plans for geographic and feature growth. That requires us to make the deepest layers of the system more scalable and robust. We are currently distributing our service across the globe and looking at unified processes of system management. Auto-scaling efficiency, high utilization level and error budget on the edge will be the main objectives in the next months for the Infrastructure team. We reside in AWS and utilize its functionality with different products.


  • Proficient in system engineering and architecture with 5-7 years experience in a Director/Head of Infrastructure role
  • Proven delivered projects/products as an IT department head of 15-20 engineers split to few teams
  • A strong data- and metrics-driven approach to team performance management
  • Experienced SRE and DevOps culture enabler in an engineering organisation
  • Understanding of the (S)SDLC processes and ability to implement those
  • Deep fundamental IT and architecture knowledge (regardless of the technologies)
  • Good AWS (or another cloud provider) stack understanding with Infrastructure as Code approach (terraform, cloud formation, etc)
  • Project Management skills (understanding processes and planning using OKR framework)
  • Awareness of international standards for security, change management, risks, etc (ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, COBIT)
  • Digital transformation experience (technologies, processes, stack)