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DevSecOps Engineer

The DevSecOps Engineer shall have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience integrating
DevSecOps tools as part of an agile team to achieve Continuous Integration and Continuous
Deployment (CI/CD) of applications. The engineer will be at least a mid to senior level engineer
capable of mentoring junior developers and engineers. A successful engineer shall have experience
building products and services that improve software developer feedback loops, time-to-production,
rollback strategies, CI/CD automation at an Individual Contributor Level. The
engineer will also possess effective communication skills to interact with various stakeholders
internal and external to the organization.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

? Five-plus (5+) years of demonstrated DevOps expertise leveraging Continuous
Integration and Continuous Deployment technologies such as Gitlab (and Gitlab
Runners), Jenkins, Concourse, CircleCI, etc.
? Three-plus (3+) years of experience with Infrastructure as Code frameworks such as
? Five-plus (5+) years of experience building services using Cloud Infrastructure Providers
such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.
? Two-plus (2+) years of experience securing applications via CI/CD pipelines leveraging
static code analysis, unit and integration testing, dependency analysis, etc.
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? Two-plus (2+) years of experience developing containerized services deployed on
orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.