Citrus Health Network, Inc.

Miami, FL

Licensed Practitioner in Mental Health

$44,000-$98,500 / YEAR

  1. Work in a primary care setting providing integrated care with a focus on psychological co-morbidities or physical health problems.
  2. Develops service plans and conduct reviews as needed throughout of treatment.
  3. Perform psychological and other assessments to clients, open cases for therapy services.
  4. Provide evaluations, individual and/or group therapy, and other group interventions as appropriate for the programs.
  5. Document client's interventions in the systems electronically.
  6. Communicate with Physicians and other team members regularly.

  1. Licensed in the State of Florida. Must be current and in good standing.
  2. Two years of experience working with mentally ill population and substance use disorders, helpful.
  3. Working knowledge of legal guidelines stipulating psychiatric admissions requirements.
  4. Two years of experience assessing and conducting behavioral services to individual and family members.
  5. Strong computer literacy skills.
  6. Excellent communications skills oral and written. Knowledge of Spanish, helpful.