We're the technology division for a national independent life insurance organization. We know that our industry is a decade or more behind the times when it comes to technology, and we want to drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century! To that end, we're looking for an enthusiastic developer with ideas, energy, and the drive to help us build something truly great and upend an entire industry in the process! Our agent-centric app is only the beginning; integrations with major players in the industry are a major component of our vision for the future.

Christian Insurance Group

Lansing, MI

Full Stack Developer for New Tech Division

$50,000-$70,000 / YEAR

We're looking for a talented full stack developer with the ambition and drive to build something great!

Our development efforts to date have mostly involved offshore development teams, and we're ready to hire an in-house developer; someone who can join our development meetings and tell us how we can achieve our software goals. Someone who can add their own ideas to the mix would make an amazing candidate.

Your day-to-day work will involve writing code, debugging, coordinating efforts with offshore teams, and eventually managing an in-house team as well. This is a position that's perfect for someone who's tired of disappearing into the cold machinery of corporate code manufacture and wants to build something and achieve constant growth in a vibrant and exciting environment.

We know insurance and we have a long list of ideas. We're looking for someone to help us build our technology division from the ground up and enjoy the rewards that come along with getting involved on the ground floor.

As a company, our culture is geared toward making the office an exciting place to work and recognizing the efforts of every team member. If you've ever felt lost in the corporate grind and wonder if there's an opportunity to create powerful tools with a team that listens to your ideas and celebrates your contributions to a shared mission, here it is!