Children Service Center


Behavior Consultant IBHS Individual

Purpose of this position

The Behavioral   Consultant will develop intense behavioral service/treatment plans including all members of the treatment team.  These plans will help the client respond to their daily environment in a practical and productive manner.  The BC will develop, initiate and modify plans as needed to assure progress and success.  BC will act as lead clinician for the team.

The behavior consultant, in collaboration with other members of the treatment team, designs and directs the implementation of a behavior modification intervention plan which is individualized to each child or adolescent and to family needs.


(1) Be licensed in this Commonwealth as a behavior specialist. OR

 (2) Have a [current] certification as a BCBA or other accredited graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. OR

 (3) Have a graduate degree in ABA from an accredited college or university OR

 (4) Have a graduate degree in psychology, ABA, social work, education, counseling or related field that includes a clinical or mental health direct service practicum from an accredited college or AND minimum of 1 year of full-time experience in providing mental health direct services to children, youth or young adults and a graduate degree in psychology, social work, education, or counseling from an accredited college or university.