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Pittsburgh, PA 4 days ago

CGT Staffing

McDonald, PA

Lab Technician

$27,000-$40,000 / YEAR


• Assure that finished product meets customer specifications.

• Expedite required raw material and in-process analysis for production efficiency.

• Maintain records and retain samples.

• Troubleshoot plant operations to support manufacturing in meeting production goals.

• Assist with customer service, customer complaints, raw material replacement, ISO corrective actions, and R&D projects.

• Take samples and perform analysis for regulatory reporting.

• Assist with method development and improvement.

• Willingness to understand and demonstrate various government policies, procedures and guidelines as deemed by the supervisor. (e.g., ISO, DOT, etc.)

• Ability to get along well with others. (e.g., ability to build a healthy rapport with coworkers, customers, management: Show respect always and compassion where necessary, etc.)

• Ability to maintain and demonstrate personal accountability /responsibility. (e.g., take personal ownership in the company’s success and accepts full responsibility for oneself and contribution as a team member: Ability to receive constructive criticism in a positive manner, etc.)


• Associate degree in relevant technical field or equivalent of 1 year experience in a chemical manufacturing setting (quality control or production)

• Working knowledge of Microsoft 365 platform applications.

• Demonstrable communication skills, both verbal and written.

• General experience in a quality control setting dealing with quick turnaround times and accurate result reporting.

• General experience with wet chemistry techniques such as titrations.

Job Requirements
  • Record all lab results on laboratory forms
  • Complete lab shutdown following the lab SOP
  • Produce high quality laboratory testing
  • Maintain laboratory inventory and organize laboratory supplies
  • Keeping laboratory records and preparing laboratory reports
  • Operate lab equipment in accordance with lab internal SOP
  • Perform chemical testing on wet samples
  • Maintaining laboratory equipment, collecting samples and performing tests
  • Perform lab analysis of chemical products
  • Maintaining laboratory chemical supplies and equipment
  • Assist lab partners with laboratory testing and preparing samples and petri dishes
  • Perform lab testing on food products
  • Perform tests and procedures using laboratory equipment
  • Prepare samples for outside lab testing and compile results
  • Gather samples and perform check samples
  • Insure that laboratory testing equipment is calibrated
  • Performing non-routine lab analysis
  • Perform chemical analysis by using various laboratory instruments
  • Provide support daily lab testing of incoming raw milk samples
  • Troubleshoot laboratory instruments and equipment