Cbus Voyage

Gahanna, OH

Customer Service and Sales - Work Life Balance | Management Opportunities

$40,000-$50,000 / YEAR

Why Work Here?

“True family environment, while being goal oriented, and value driven”

Do you enjoy customer service?

But sick of the day to day with no opportunity for advancement?

We are seeking someone with a customer service background because we find the communication skills, positive mental attitude, and excitement for growth give them a huge advantage in our industry. We find people coming from customer service are sick of the day after day grind with no growth, and want to find somewhere they can use the skills they have developed and plant their roots and grow. Someone with a customer service background really excels in our Acquisition Specialist position and has proven to take advantage of our internal growth opportunity.


  • Excellent communication skills

  • Customer service experience

  • Self confidence

  • Territory management

  • Goal- Oriented

  • BA/ BS (Preferred)


  • Networking with business owners

  • Weekly and monthly bonuses

  • Paid Training

  • Onsite library

  • Onsite kitchen

  • Taco Tuesday

  • Business mobile phone line

  • Sams’ club premium membership

  • Friday book club

  • Intramural sports

  • Paid travel (optional)

  • In office English Bulldog - BUCKY!

If the job description and responsibilities don't fit what you're looking for, then we wish you the best of luck in your job hunt. If it is what you're looking for, then please click "apply" for the opportunity to become a part of our team and family.

Job Requirements


  • Meet with clients face to face - Our goal is to grow by 100 percent this year as a company

  • Acquire new customers - Oversee and help local business develop

  • Presentations to customers- Focus on the problems our products solve for the local businesses

  • Customer Relationship Management - Use our client tracking system to maximize effectiveness

  • Be a Leader - Oversee and develop a small sales team

  • Familiarize with product - Understand how we are providing a solution for the local businesses through this pandemic

  • Product development - Use your creativity to help us better our product and continue to get better

  • Self-Development - Equip oneself with the resources to maximize their potential