CADTALK was founded by a former engineer turned developer who is now the CEO. Coding is in our culture and it starts at the top of the organization. We are not a huge dev shop with a bunch of departments where people only do one thing.  We are a lean company where people can wear a lot of hats, branch out of their comfort zone and have a big impact. We operate very much like a startup without the instability. We have been around for 16 years and we provide software to the manufacturing industry. We can all agree that manufacturing is a pretty reliable industry for the future.


United States

Mid-Level .Net Developer who loves automation and integration

$75,000-$125,000 / YEAR

We are looking for a game-changer. Not a video game changer, but a game-changer in the "has a huge impact" type of way. :)

We are looking for a great developer to help us take our CADTALK product to the next level and beyond. For a quick intro to the product check our site ( You would work on a small team and have a ton of influence over the future direction of the product. There are no huge committees to convince here. We meet, discuss and decide very quickly. There will be a ton of development and DevOps related activities but you will also get to work directly with customers. We think this is the best way to get feedback on our work and a GREAT way to get ideas for future features! Despite being an established and very successful product there is still a ton of greenfield work to be completed. CADTALK is constantly expanding into new markets with new integrations and products so there is always an opportunity to learn and design something new.  You would also be involved in improving our development process.  Like I said, game changer.

Skills Requirements CADTALK is mostly written in .NET  however, we sometimes we have to use other technologies and languages.

Knowledge of CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM systems is a definite plus but not a requirement. Knowledge of ERP systems would be very cool.

Domain experience with manufacturing or engineering is a BIG plus. We believe the best coders really understand the domain that they are building software for.

We believe that the best developers can learn the tech and develop the skills quickly, so we are not hung up on specific technology knowledge, we really want smart people that get things done.

If you are excited at working at a company where you can have a big impact and learn a lot please reach out to us.