Singapore, SG

Algorithm Engineer, Enterprise Partnership & Solutions


1. Provide artificial intelligence solutions for customers

2. Understand business needs and goals, and turn business problems into machine learning problems

3. Conduct cutting-edge research in machine learning algorithms, and apply the technology to different business scenarios


1. Master of Python/C++, have solid programming skills, good programming styles and working habits

2. Familiar with deep learning algorithms like DNN/CNN/RNN/LSTM

3. Familiar with at least one of the mainstream deep learning frameworks, like TensorFlow, Caffe or MXNet

4. Familiar with data systems like Hadoop/Spark/Flink/Kafka

5. Able to solve problems independently, good teamwork and communication skills

Preferred qualifications

1. Familiar with the parallelization of sparse FTRL, FFM, and deep models on large-scale coefficient data

2. Experience in large-scale recommendation system or search engine