Bushel powers apps and websites that facilitate clear and simple business between grain companies and growers. An awarded team of consultants and builders with over 600 projects, specializing in logistics and operational solutions. Our Bushel Solutions team works with major ag industry players to discover, develop, and deploy custom software for the way you do business. At Bushel, you’ll find people clustered together around whiteboards sketching out wireframes, legs being stretched at adjustable standing desks. Conference rooms are packed with intelligence and mutual respect. There are hands reaching into the SnackNation box for a 2 p.m. energy boost. The absence of cubes allows members to flow freely; encouraging team cooperation and esoteric conversations about deep space. You’ll hear laughter erupting in any given room –– we like to laugh a lot around here. We don’t micromanage here. We have high autonomy, high accountability. We seek out the people that are self-starters. Movers and shakers. Responsible. Can see a hole and fill it. We move fast. We learn fast. We fail fast; we have a lot of grace. We’re looking for people who can navigate unknown territory–– to expose the map as you range. To pick up the boulders uncovered on native fields. We don’t shirk to titles and experience; we all contribute and have a voice. Can you celebrate growth in your colleagues and offer insight to seniority? Can you handle the friction and maintain harmony? Then by golly, you belong here. Please, proceed. If you have never been to Fargo, check out this site! https://liveinfargo.com/
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