We work together as a team and our engineers never work in silos.  Cross-team collaboration is the key ingredient to our success. As an engineer at Bowtie, you will be participating in meetings with different stakeholders and a cross-functional project team from early on in the product development process. This is to make sure that engineering challenges / barriers will be uncovered and discussed at an early stage of design/decision making. We are on a constant search for better ways to operate. At the moment, we are exploring the benefit of the 6-week sprint cycle from Basecamp. But we are always happy to take on new suggestions and discover alternative options. We are a lean team, but we have built / are building some big softwares that take other hundreds of engineers and years to build. If you are looking to join a multi-award winning team (HKICT Fintech Award Winner of 2017, Insurance Award 2019, just to name a few) that has been featured and recognised by tech companies, such as AWS, get in touch today!

Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

Hong Kong

Director of Engineering (Hong Kong based)

As an Insurtech company, “Tech” is a huge part of our DNA. Building a strong engineering culture in a traditional industry is not an easy task. Since our beginning, we have been working hard to build a technically strong, driven and business-minded team (see here for more about our culture).

As we grow, we are looking for a strong technical leadership to scale our technical team and to continuously improve our engineering culture, practices, and philosophies, and contributing directly to our architecture and code base.

Your will have responsibilities around strategy, people management & development, technical decision making, hands-on engineering, and develop internal relationships.

Your responsibilities

Strategy (20%)

You will be our engineering team to make sure that our technologies can support Bowtie’s continuous growth and make technology one of Bowtie’s main competitive advantages - both in the short-term and in the long run

  • Planning and forecasting engineering resources (people ^ tools) to support Bowtie’s growth
  • Devising engineering strategy to make sure that our tools and platforms are built with a big picture in mind, instead of a piecemeal effort
  • Developing and adopting “engineering philosophy/framework” for development and deployment decision-making (e.g. when we deploy band-aid fixes, trade-off between testing vs fix-fast approaches to development).
  • Translating business direction to actionable items
  • Advising managements & other function on how tech can support their needs
  • Budgeting

Management & Team Development (30%)

As our director of engineering, you will develop and have a pulse and in-depth understanding of our code base’s health. You constantly think about creating the best engineering experience for our team and to improve the team and each individual’s productivity and happiness.

Your tasks include:

  • Daily management (allocation, assign, review, project)
  • Engineering best practices and guideline
  • Supporting employee growth (sharing, training/ guidance, career planning, code review)
  • Fostering team learning
  • Team building (bring the team closer together and no one work in silo) & detecting any early “deflection”
  • Hiring & firing

Technical Decision Making (15%)

  • Making high-level technical and architectural decision to ensure that our software is reliable, scalable, and extendable
  • Involve engineering team member in technical decision making process (sharing /  assigning) to help team member to grow in the area
  • Review technical decisions made by team member

Hands-on engineering (20%)

Internal relationship management (15%)

  • Be the champion of the engineering team and collaborate with other teams to develop and deliver “root-cause” solutions following a disciplined engineering approach.
  • Advocating reasoning from first principle across the company and to help the other team to adopt the approach in problem solving

Who you are

You have equally strong interests in:

  1. solving complex technical problem and
  2. people development - you enjoy empowering your team, bringing the best out of them, and helping them grow.

 Essentially, you understand the importance and power of delivering as an individual and as a team. Some other qualities include:

  • you are an active listener with strong empathy
  • both humble and confident
  • you are continuously looking to learn and for self-development
  • balancing system/order/efficiency and flexibility

What you've done

  • managing, coaching, and developing a technical team with various seniority in a fast-growing environment
  • designing and building (hands-on) sizeable, scalable and reliable softwares
  • developing engineering practices and strategies
  • partnering and collaborating with other teams to achieve strategic goals and deliver results
  • hiring and onboarding new engineers
  • experiences in the Silicon Valley or later-stage startup is a huge plus

Your success would be measured by:

  • Retention and recruitment
  • Employee promotion
  • Increase in team productivity (need to think about how to measure)
  • Improvement in engineering quality (e.g. bugs, code quality/ maintainability etc..)
  • Internal advocacy